From the 13th to the 25th of November, we will host the “great sculptural workshop” of Puerto Vallarta.  UdG CUC in conjunction with private initiatives and the H. Ayuntamiento of Puerto Vallarta, the “International Forum of Sculptors – Puerto Vallarta 2017”, will be held on campus.

The Rector of CUCosta, Dr. Marco Antonio Cortés says the forum is to enrich the artistic urban heritage of Puerto Vallarta and to provide the city with monuments that strengthen the social and civic fabric of the city, while providing the residents with collective pride and identification.

With this forum, we want to open a permanent space for the realization of large format sculptural work and to promote innovative exhibition spaces.

The eleven internationally renowned artists are:

Kemal Tufan, curator from Turkey

Aldo Shiroma Uza from PERU

Amancio González Andrés from Spain

Antonios Myrodias from Greece

Ernesto Hume S.   from Mexico

Jérome Symons from Holland

Jo Kley from Germany

Majid Haghighi from Iran

Omar Toussoun from Egypt

Tamás Baráz from Hungary

Yang Po-lin from Taiwan

Once completed, seven monumental sculptures will be donated, thanks to the sponsorship from Tafer Resorts The Villa Group, and Luis Fernando González Corona.

Go the UDG CUC web site for much more info.




Learn English for Free

To all the foreign senior citizens in and around Puerto Vallarta, we invite you to join the SUAM (University Senior Citizens Program) in their free Spanish classes.  Intermediate Level is every Monday from 11:00am to 12:30, and Basic Level is every Wednesday from 11:00am till 12:30.  For more information contact eleanorhawthorn@gmail.com or ceciliasshibya@hotmail.com


This is an opportunity for you to learn Spanish at no cost to you.  Classes are held at the UdG~ CUC campus.  It is located on the road behind Home Depot going towards Ixtapa.  You will pass two Pemex stations on your left and a Global Gas Plant on your right. There is an OXXO at the stoplight where you turn right.  You will see six giant letters UDG CUC. Please join us.

I encourage you to look at the UDG CUC web site each week to get the latest news about all the events taking place.



Radio Show In English

Be sure to tune in to The Good Morning Wake Up Show every Saturday morning from 9 am to 11.  104.3 FM or on the web at




Please remember!  “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”


Michael Nolen on Email
Michael Nolen
Since retiring to Puerto Vallarta last year Michael Nolen has been keen to give back to the community. 'You can only play so much golf before you start to question your retirement,' Michael philosophized.

Started by Michael in August 2015, The Good Morning Wake Up Show is broadcast as part of the University of Guadalajara's 104.3 FM radio station at the Puerto Vallarta campus.