What’s happening at The University of Guadalajara / Coastal University Campus, in Puerto Vallarta!

The University of Guadalajara Centro Universitario de la Costa radio station is happy to announce that ‘The Good Morning Wake Up Show’ hosted by Michael Nolen, just began its third year on the air.

The show is aired from 9:00 to 11:00 every Saturday morning. Listeners can tune in at 104.3 FM or via the Internet at udgtv.com/radio-puerto-vallarta/en-vivo.

Started in August 2015, The Good Morning Wake Up Show is broadcast as part of the University of Guadalajara’s 104.3 FM radio station at the Puerto Vallarta campus.  The main purpose of the show is to get the English-speaking community of Puerto Vallarta involved with the activities and events of the university.  The show, however, isn’t solely about the university; it is dedicated to all types of events and news in the Banderas Bay area.

Michael regularly does updates on weather, safety and entertainment. He gives advice on such things as transferring money to Mexico, to how to take the correct buses around town, where to eat, shop or just have fun.   You can also expect great music, exclusive interviews, and Michael himself just loves to talk about what he’s been up to and what’s been on his mind.

Michael summarized: “I just try and inform the English-speaking population on how they can make their lives a little better, a little easier, and how they can get involved with all the great stuff that is going on, as a lot of the people down here are retired and looking for a sense of community. We’re very grateful to the president of the university Marco Antonio Cortez, who has been very generous, not only with his time but also offering us the opportunity to work here at the radio station.”

The Good Morning Wake Up Show is broadcast every Saturday from 9:00-11:00 am. For more information on the show, events and activities you can email Michael at 104.3wakeupsho@gmail.com.

You can also call in and be on the radio show at (322) 226-2200, listen to it live on Saturday mornings at udgtv.com/radio-puerto-vallarta/en-vivo.








The Fall Semester Has Begun


Classes began last Monday and there are record numbers of students enrolled this year.  The numbers will go up greatly starting September 4th when the SUAM program begins.



SUAM is a program designed by the university specifically for older learners. The offer courses and workshops in a variety of different and interesting areas, such as:

Computing and Languages: The intention is to develop skills in the use of languages. Students in the computer program learn how to use the computer and basic programs and the internet.

Art and Culture: Students develop skills with recycled materials and aquire basic skills in drawing and painting. There is also a dance class available.

Health and Psychology: The objective is to provide practical tools to care for both the physical and mental health of of the aging population.

Humanities: The objective in this program is to introduce the pleasure of reading books and their authors. It offers an approach to oral history and an opportunity to gain knowledge in the legal area.

Enrollment for this program is still open.  For more information contact.  Lic. Erandy Mariel Cruz Castelo.  at erandy.cruz@cuc.udg.mx  or call the SUAM Program at  (322) 226-2290  or  226-2222  The web site is  suam@cuc.udg.mx.




Free Movies:
Each week in the Auditorium “Juan Luis Cifuentes Lemus” for free. Open to the general public.


August 25th at 1 pm  – Gueros

Director: Alonso Ruizpalacios

Actors: Tenoch Huerta and Leonardo Ortizgris

Shadow and Santos live in an apartment where the light is cut for not paying the rent. They are visited by the younger brother of Shadow, Thomas, sent by their mother because tshe can no longer support him. The arrival of the boy changes things and the decide to embark on a journey to pay tribute to a legendary musician they believe is the father of Shadow and Thomas.

Wednesday Aug. 30th at 1pm

Concert Rio 2011

Duration: 60 min

Rodolfo Páez, better known as Fito Páez (Rosario, 13 March 1963) is a singer-songwriter, composer, musician, and director of Argentine cinema, Member of the so-called Rosario Trova, and one of the most important exponents of Argentine rock. In addition to his career as a musician he has dabbled as a filmmaker, scriptwriter and novelist. With over 30 years of experience.

After the first countercultural stage critically acclaimed, the artist attained its definitive international projection at beginning of the nineties when he published the albums love after love (1992) and circus beat (1994), which became commercial hits, selling more than one million copies only with the first.

and Please Remember…

Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes.









Michael Nolen on Email
Michael Nolen
Since retiring to Puerto Vallarta last year Michael Nolen has been keen to give back to the community. 'You can only play so much golf before you start to question your retirement,' Michael philosophized.

Started by Michael in August 2015, The Good Morning Wake Up Show is broadcast as part of the University of Guadalajara's 104.3 FM radio station at the Puerto Vallarta campus.