QUE PASO AT UDG–CUC: SUAM Program – Free Classes For Seniors

Enrolment for the fall, 2018 SUAM classes is now open and will continue till August 31.  Classes will begin on September 3. To enroll contact: Erandy Cruz at 322 226 2200 ext. 66290 or 66304.  All of the classes are free and open to the public.

The University of Guadalajara, Coastal Campus SUAM Program was created in 2012 with the main objective to integrate and educate senior citizens in the region.  It was designed to offer academic, intellectual, recreational and artistic courses and the opportunity for social interaction for people over the age of 60.

SUAM offers courses and workshops in a variety of different and interesting areas, such as Art and Culture, Computing and Languages, Humanities, Health and Psychology.

SUAM courses and workshops:

Generally courses are about 20 hour’s duration and are spread over two and a half months.  Students can spend 2 – 4 hours each week depending on their objectives and the contents of the course.


9am to 2 pm Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 1 pm Saturday.

SUAM offers the following classes and activities:

  • Health, Tai Chi, Yoga, Swimming, Nutrition, Humanities, Family Law.
  • Wonders of the world: Art, History, Literature, and Nature.
  • Regional architecture and the western Mexico Mountains.
  • Natural richness of the Bay of Banderas
  • Poetry and reading workshops
  • Computing – Basic and intermediate levels
  • Languages- Basic and Intermediate level English French, and Spanish.
  • Dance, Drawing and Painting, Creativity with recycled material, and Popular culture.

Email    suam@cuc.udg.mx

The SUAM classes will began on September 3. Any senior over the age of 60 can enroll in one or more of the 30 different classes.

Free Movies

Every Wednesday and Friday at 1 pm in the main auditorium they show full length films.  This Friday August 24 they will be showing the 1985 movie Revolution, Staring Al Pacino, Donald Sutherland and Nastassja Kinski.

A trapper and his young son get pulled into the American Revolution early as unwilling participants and remain involved through to the end.

And on the 29th a 2010 New York City concert film starring Lady Gaga


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