This past Monday in the presence of the Municipal Governor, Rodolfo Domínguez Monroy, University President Marco A. Cortes, university authorities, sponsors and special guests, sculptures from the first International Sculptors Forum held in 2017 were inaugurated in various parts of the city.

Some of the objectives of the forum according to Dr. Marco Antonio Cortés Guardado was participation in the celebration of the centennial of Puerto Vallarta, contribution to the expansion of the cultural and symbolic heritage of the city, and generate civic pride and sense of belonging among its citizens.

“The purpose of this cultural event is to provide Puerto Vallarta with cultural works that enrich the heritage of the people of Vallarta,” he said. “Above all, to enrich the cultural heritage of the popular areas of the city. Bring culture, important works to the people of Vallarta who have fewer resources and who, therefore, have fewer opportunities to access the experience of living with sculptural works of large format on a daily basis”.

Cortés Guardado recognized the generous sponsorship of entrepreneurs from the local tourism sector for the achievement of such purposes, as well as the support of the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta.

The president of Tafer Hotels & Resorts and Vallarta Tribune’s parent company CPS Media, Luis Fernando Gonzalez Corona, highlighted the role of UdG in the promotion of art and culture while underlining the relevance of promoting greater artistic manifestations in Puerto Vallarta with the collaboration of the municipal authority.

“Magic Feather” by Turkish artist Kemal Tufan is placed at the entrance to UdG CUC.

Every Wednesday and Friday at 1 pm in the main auditorium the university shows full-length films. This Friday, September 7 they will be showing ‘V is for Vendetta’, starring Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rey, and John Hurt.

On Wednesday, September 12 is the music concert film of
Rammstein, a German Industrial Metal band formed in 1994 in Berlin, Germany.

Also on September 12 at 11 AM, a pictorial collection of Mexican artist Ismael Guardado arrives at
The Peter Gray Art Museum.

The pictorial exhibition consisting of 30+ works will be inaugurated and on display for your viewing. Please come and meet Senor Guardado.

Please be sure to look at the University website for more information.


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Michael Nolen on Email
Michael Nolen
Since retiring to Puerto Vallarta last year Michael Nolen has been keen to give back to the community. 'You can only play so much golf before you start to question your retirement,' Michael philosophized.

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