Purr Project’s Fall Garage Sale will be on Saturday, November 9!

We are beginning to schedule truck pick-ups of large items you’d like to donate. Please let me know (a) what you’re donating, (b) the approximate size/weight of your donations, (c) your address and phone contact. When the schedule is compiled, I will let you know when we’ll come by for your items. If you have small items (bags of clothing, small boxes of books, etc.) I can meet you at Los Mercados and accept your items there.
FYI—already collected for the sale are motorcycle helmets, a dehumidifier, large-screen TVs, table and floor lamps, rolls of upholstery fabric (some Sunbrella), a microwave, coffee-maker, scuba gear, a professional juicer, artwork, books, towels and linens, and tons of kitchen and decorator stuff. It’s gonna be another GREAT sale!