Purr Project Ranch Tours

Visit Purr Project Ranch and meet the 150+ cats and kittens in residence.
$250 pesos ($20us), you’ll be able to pet, cuddle, hug, nuzzle, pamper, and snuggle to your heart’s content includes pick up and a knowledgeable guide.
Reserving your spot is a breeze. Visit www.purrproject.com, click on ‘Shelter Visits’ at the top of the page.
You’ll see all the info you’ll need about visiting our ranch, including a link to Superior Tours Vallarta’s website where you’ll find easy instructions to sign up for a specific tour or you can contact our Tour Director, Pam Sullivan, at toursoftexas@hotmail.com


  1. I would assume that the Purr Project Ranch is not for bird watchers and lovers. Outdoor cats are deadly on the bird populations , many species of which are facing extinction.

    1. I think maintaining habitat for the birds and other wildlife is a much bigger challenge than the outdoor cats. at least these outdoor cats are being fed so they are not required to kill in order to survive. I very much appreciate there being a place for these poor cats. even though I hear spay/neuter is the law in Mexico, it is obviously not enforced. I have been told the “Mexican way” is to” just chase unwanted animals away”. I have met many kind-hearted Mexicans who don’t agree with this philosophy but as everywhere, the number of unwanted pets far exceeds the number of available homes. I think we need to applaud everyone who takes action to help instead of criticizing.

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