The Puerto Vallarta Rotary Club Sur awards over 430 scholarships

On March 18 the Puerto Vallarta Rotary Club Sur awarded 38 students scholarship funds to continue their education at the Puerto Vallarta Univa Campus. These are students who have been receiving scholarships since they were in High School and are now University.
The Ohio Rotary Club has been working with the Puerto Vallarta Rotary Club Sur for many years to help students from low-income families who without these funds would not be able to receive an education.

The Puerto Vallarta Rotary Club has been working with many Rotary Clubs from Canada USA and Mexico to provide the opportunity to many young students to stay in school and have the education they deserve, to become professionals and make this a better place for all of us to enjoy.

We have been able to give scholarships to over 430 students since January 2017.
The John Powel program is our largest provider of scholarships to our students.

For any questions or to sponsor a student, please call: 322.356.4729 Join us any Thursday for breakfast at 9:00 am at The Marrriot Hotel. We would love to meet you and share other programs we have in the club.

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  1. Congratulaions to my friends in the Rotary Club of Puerto Vallarta Sur.
    I remember my several visits to your club and the welcome and hospitality you gave me.
    I particularly remember when my wife, Sally, and I joined you when you delivered Life Straws to the villagers in Corrales.
    My son, Ian, came back to the UK in December 2014 with his fiancee Martha with their daughter Sophia. They married in September 2015 and have another daughter, Isabela.
    I look forward to the time when we can all return to Puerto Vallarta to see family… and Rotary friends.
    Jim Matthews, Rotary Club of Leicester Novus.
    You might recognise you banner on my Facebook page!

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