Puerto Vallarta, a destination with the safe travel seal of the WTTC

For several years, Puerto Vallarta has been recognized as one of the safest destinations in Mexico, however, in the face of the situation we currently face globally, travel safety takes on even greater importance.

Being one of the main beach destinations in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta receives millions of travelers annually from important cities in Mexico and the world, but for a few months the usual tourist activity closed its doors temporarily. Meanwhile, health and safety authorities joined in a joint effort to create protocols, measures and best health practices that could be applied in different countries and thus guarantee the safety of travelers once travel plans began to be reactivated. .

Facing the situation and thanks to compliance with hygiene and sanitation standards, Puerto Vallarta received the Safe Travels seal, a distinction issued by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), which guarantees travelers that companies and tourist destinations around the world have adopted the strict protocols dictated by this council and in line with the recommendations of health experts. Those who wonder if it is safe to travel to a destination in Mexico, just have to look for this seal of approval.

With endless activities, landscapes and adventures to discover, Puerto Vallarta awaits you so you can enjoy your next vacation, feeling complete security at all times. Upon your arrival you will be able to realize that both the Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport, as well as the hotels, restaurants and establishments have taken all the security and social distancing measures so that you travel with peace of mind to our destination.

Learn more about the sanitary measures, mandatory safety standards and good care practices that have been implemented in the destination, to safeguard the health of our visitors from their arrival until their return.

Biosafety Procedures and Protocols in Puerto Vallarta during COVID-19


Temperature measurement using digital thermometers and thermographic cameras, in the passenger arrival and departure processes.

Limitation of access of companions to the terminal building, except in duly justified cases.

Maintaining a healthy distance (1.5 – 2 m) in documentation rows, inspection point, migration, customs, baggage, passenger boarding and disembarking, among other processes.

Antibacterial gel dispensers distributed in the terminal buildings and mandatory use of mouth covers. Prioritize embarkation and disembarkation on foot and by air passage, avoiding as far as possible the use of aerocars.


They must maintain high standards of cleanliness and use chemical products that allow proper disinfection of rooms and common areas. As well as cleaning systems with steam, chlorine or UV lamps.

Hotel operation at 25% of its maximum capacity.

Capacity limit in spaces and common areas up to 50% of its capacity.

Sanitary filter to restrict the access of people with a temperature above 37 ° C, and / or with catarrhal symptoms.

Antibacterial gel is placed on the access doors for guest service.

Use of face masks in common areas and when in contact with people who do not belong to the same travel group.

Tour guides and DMC’s

Collaborators will wear masks and face masks, will not shake hands and will keep social distancing.

Hand washing with soap and water before and after each service.

Antibacterial gel dispenser available in the DMC’s area of ​​the airport and hotel lobby for continuous hand disinfection.

Before boarding the vehicles, the door handles and side walls will be cleaned.

The boarding of the passengers will keep a distance of 1.5-2 meters. between each person.


Restaurants and cafeterias will work at 50% of their maximum capacity.

Use of antibacterial gel upon arrival of guests, the use of face masks upon arrival is mandatory; Access to people with a temperature above 37 ° C or with catarrhal symptoms will be restricted.

Emphasis on periodic disinfection using a chlorinated solution for cleaning areas with increased contact and continuous flow, as well as common areas.

Maintain a distance (1.5 to 2.25 meters) between tables and do not have an occupation of more than 6 people per table.

If there are menus, physical must be disinfected between client and client. Digital menus are suggested (via QR codes).


The entrance and exit to public beaches must be with the correct use of mask

Use of flags based on beach capacity (green allowed and red restricted).

Maintain a distance of at least 5 meters between each group or family.

Maximum groups of 8 people, preferably from the same group or family.

Public beach clubs must comply with entry biosecurity measures and equipment sanitation practices each time it is used.

Staff must wear face masks or masks at all times.

Local Transportation

Mandatory use of mouth covers for all drivers and users.

If possible, roll down the windows to improve ventilation.

It is recommended to take a seat in the back to keep distance from the driving partner.

Tours and Activities

Access to people with a temperature above 37 ° C, or with catarrhal symptoms is restricted.

Maintain a healthy distance of 1.5-2 meters with clients and other collaborators.

Gel sanitizers arranged in different areas and sanitization of tour teams.

Emphasis is placed on the use of face masks (as long as the activity they carry out allows it).

General information

As of June 15, the beaches, public areas and commercial businesses reopened with strict rules of social distancing and hygiene.

Contact restrictions, hygiene standards and a minimum distance of 1.5-2 meters are maintained.

Mandatory use of a mask in public transport and establishments of all kinds.

On your next visit, you can relive everything that makes this wonderful destination unique: the natural charm of our beaches, the essence of our flavors, colors and traditions, and the warmth and hospitality of our people.

Relive your desire to travel, Puerto Vallarta is ready to welcome you!