Pretty park is pretty, not trashy.


Spring is springing, April is here! As with every year around this time, we’re noticing a shift in local traffic as some of our snowbird friends begin heading home, and the typical vacationer (at least for the moment) looks more like a Spring Breaker.

This week and last, we’re making a big push for several of the celebration benches to be completed. We’re so excited, we love them all! Last week was a flurry of sketching fun new designs, and some folks with a keen eye might have noticed a few different techniques being used.
Depending on what design the bench sponsor created, we sometimes use a projector so we get the lines just right. Other times we can just freehand the design in permanent marker, but chalk still works like a charm for many things. Dany sketched a beautiful jungle scene on one of the benches, with gorgeous flowering birds of paradise framed by big, fat, lush leaves. That bench really needed a chalk sketch because the deep jungle colors will be extremely important to the design.

Speaking of verdant, healthy plant life and unspoiled nature, we want to talk about caring for our park together. We know the lack of garbage cans in the park is a bad situation. We’re working on making it better, but your participation in picking up after your own self is appreciated. If you can’t locate a garbage can, and just leave your trash where you were sitting, someone else has to go find a garbage can and take your trash to it. Oftentimes, it’s us. And we’re kind of busy working.

Please take responsibility for the impact you make on our shared space. We are working on more trashcans in the park, but there are always receptacles located at the north and southwest corners of the park, along the Malecon walkway. Please use them, and thank you!