Poinsettia Noche Buena (Spanish) Euphorbia pulcherrima

Christmas Flower. A favorite for the holiday season, this plant in the red and green colors of Christmas can reach 12 feet when grown in the wild. Hybrids in white, pink, and yellow are also found. Aztecs produced a red dye from the flower and used preparations as an antipyretic medication. Toxicity is relatively mild however the latex sap can cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. This plant is one of over 200 found in Sandra’s color-coded guidebook, Tropical Plants and Walks of Puerto Vallarta. Available at Page in the Sun Bookstore, and from Sandra at Vallarta Farmer’s Markets on Fridays and Saturdays. Information on her many area walks can be found at: www.escaperoutevallarta.com.

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  1. I have read on the Internet recently that of the over 300,000 cultivated plants only fewer than 300 are eatable. So be careful what you eat or use for medicine, or what infants and children put in their mouths.

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