Pitching Off Slopes Around the Green

One of the hardest things about golf is that we play on uneven surfaces thus no shot is ever the same.  In fact, the severity of the slope can have dramatic effects on the shots you hit and can cause you to miss the ball in directions you didnt think were possible.  In this video series I will show you the four different lies you will find when you play and how to adjust for them so you can find the ball closer to the pin next time around.

Uphill Lie

When you set your shoulders with the slope you will add loft to the clubface and thus you will have to swing harder to make the ball go further however, it will land softer.  When you have some room to the pin, I would suggest leaning your spine into the slope slightly, this will help you flatten the ball’s flight so you won’t have to work so hard to get the ball to the pin