Pinche Pistola

I crawled up the stairs on Miramar to go visit Paula at Hacienda San Angel; there really should be a heart/lung machine about half-way up that brutal climb! At any rate, it clearly didn’t kill me. Paula is doing fine, working hard, and learning how to continue to manage her mother Janice Chatterton’s greatest loves – an elegant hotel and dogs!


Paula continues to support Vallarta’s SPCA that was founded by her mom. The annual SPCA Fundraiser is coming up at Oscar’s on November 30th; the need for funds is urgent.


Paula has added Sunday Brunch to the excellent dining room at Hacienda San Angel. Two things immediately caught my eye on the menu – prime rib and cheesecake…full report (Bronwen!) coming soon!


Nat Moraga is just back from speaking at an important conference in the States on revitalizing city cores. She rubbed some serious urban shoulders while she was there and received offers aplenty to go to work and spread her mosaic magic far, far away from Vallarta. Her work in Parque Lazaro Cardenas is not done; when it is, we had best find more places for mosaic art!


My old friend Kass Smith and I had a grand reunion over mango smoothies at the Cigar Factory last week. It has been years since he has entertained as “Kassiano” in Vallarta, bringing reggae from his native Jamaica to the streets of Vallarta. His enormous non-reggae show is coming up at Teatro Vallarta on November 23rd. He wanted me to tell my readers that tickets are 20% off if you get them before showtime. Kass’s daughter and son will join him on stage for a song or two on the 23rd. This is the kickoff for a cross-Mexico Tour; see more about Kass on page two.


I also sat down with Alex Bourgeau, director of the Palm Cabaret. Their Opening Night is Monday, November 18th, at 7:30. As they do every year, The Palm gives their ON profits to charity. This year RISE (Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza) will receive the donations – and please, feel free to give extra. The lineup will include tidbits from Spencer Day, Lady Zen, Miss Conception, and more.


The Vallarta Garden Club has its first meeting of the season at Incanto, 4:30 pm, next Tuesday, November 19th. This is a fantastic collection of mostly ex-pats who all get down and dirty with their own paws to make Vallarta more beautiful every year. What would typically fall under any city’s Public Works Department, falls straight onto the shoulders of the VGC. Founded by Bob Price shortly after he opened the Vallarta Botanical Garden, it has grown leaps and bounds with careful administration and a significant loving relationship with City Hall.


You don’t have to be a member to attend, but you should be, and you’ll be very welcome indeed. For newbies to Vallarta who are not keen on meeting new friends in bars in the middle of the night, this is a golden opportunity to meet people who live here, some part-time, but who all LOVE Vallarta and give a damn about how she looks every single day of the year. Membership is not expensive at all – think a couple of martinis at Garbo’s, and you’re in!


The title of this week’s column comes from a play I saw last week in Versalles. “El Destripadero Veraz” has two more performances – November 23rd and the 30th, both Saturdays at 8 pm, at Plataforma 322 on Lucerna, next to the hospital. Directed by Juan Pablo Hernandez and starring Samantha Dueñas, Cesar Bravo, and Juan Carlos Ramirez, all part of el Grupo Teatro Dionisio. Again, for newbies (and ancients like me), it’s good practice to listen to Spanish. You’ll find it entertaining, and you’ll be supporting local live theatre. Try it, you just might like it!


Remembrance/Veterans Day as I write this: We honor their service during wars and armed conflicts, lest we forget.

Never raise a hand in anger; reach out with love always, From Here.

Marcia Blondin