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Festival VallArte presented By Library Los Mangos

In its first edition FESTIVAL VALLARTE will offer a simple program with free events open to the public and public events with a cost of recovery or maximum exclusivity. 

Alejandro Colunga in the Official Opening 

Within the framework of FESTIVAL VALLARTE participating galleries of the city center will present unique exhibitions. The official opening of the festival and the art walk on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 will take place in the well-known sculpture “Rotonda del Mar” whose author, the Jalisco sculptor Alejandro Colunga, will cut the inaugural ribbon and thus become the first godfather of the festival. 

Colunga is a self-taught artist whose works are exhibited in salons of great collectors around the world. He has exhibited in the United States, France, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, among many other places. He defines himself as a human being who likes to live the life that he then leaves behind in each work, especially the sculptural pieces. 

Tradition and the Vanguard 

In more than two decades of service, the Los Mangos Library has shown its inspiring and formative nature. The Auction and Sale of Annual Art is a cultural, social and altruistic event already traditional in the city. This year, in addition to the plastic work auctioned and sold, there will be an artistic intervention by the art students of the University of Guadalajara, who will give life, personality and character to the walls of different rooms of the Los Mangos Library. They will work open doors so that attendees can appreciate the creation of the mural in process. 

Poetry and Voices 

The organizing committee of the International Encounter of Poets Letters in the Sea has managed to position poetry in the taste of different audiences and has called for it the greatest figures of the poetic creation of Latin America. This year Letters in the Sea participates in Festival VallArte with a Poetic Gala at The Jazz Foundation in which Eduardo Langagne, Mexican poet and translator, winner of the Special Prize José Lezama Lima House of the Americas 2016 and Patricia Bernal, producer, actress and Mexican gallerist with more than thirty years of work in diverse scenarios and media. 

The ticket has a cost of $ 600 pesos (30usd). 

Great Names 

Led by the artist Federico León de la Vega and Robert C. Burkheimer, both with a solid experience in selling art, the “Grandes Nombres” auction will be an experience. 

Festival VallArte has invited Arte Clave Company dedicated to the consultancy in cultural development, directed by Paco de la Peña, specialist in cultural management, advisor in exhibitions, auctions, appraisals and investment in art; with more than 35 years of experience. In addition, this auction will take place in the La Nata lounge in the upper part of the La Leche restaurant of the renowned Chef and Cultural Manager Nacho Cadena. 

The entrance ticket to the auction “Grandes Nombres” in its second edition, has a cost of $ 1,500.00 pesos (75usd). 

Family and Art 

Sunday is entirely dedicated to the family. Los Mangos Library presents its literary Picnic with tablecloths, “waiters” that will offer baskets of literary delicacies to entertain the ears and the imagination, music and games for children and adults. 

At noon the Children’s Art Auction will start an original project by María Cristina Mercado, art teacher and artist, for Los Mangos Library, these are selected works that will be exhibited and auctioned. What is generated by the sale of each work will be divided 50% for the author and 50% for the Library. 

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