Perceptions of Art

By Marcia Blondin
Quick, everybody! Find the trailer on the Internet for the movie Southern Baptist Sissies, watch it, and after you wipe the tears of laughter away, get your tickets (box office or to see the movie at Act II Entertainment AND see Del Shores IN PERSON!
This extraordinarily talented man will taking over the Main Stage next week, Saturday October 25th at 8 pm, with his Sordid Best.
A funny, funny man who wears many hats and all of them well. This is, incidentally, the International Premiere of Southern Baptist Sissies (adapted from Del Shores’ play) and it’s only being shown once on November 1st. So be there!
Auditions for Voice of Vallarta have begun and continue this Saturday, the 18th at 2 pm. All of us who were there last week were surprised by the high calibre of the contestants. Almost all of them passed to the next round and more competitors are being added so it’s already a contest! (A private aside to Alain Perrault: Danny has coined a new acronym for the judges…WWAS? What Would Alain Say?)
Dracula Gay debuts in the Red Room this Friday at 8:30 pm. I don’t have any more information than that but I plan on being there because I am so intrigued! A full report next week.
You will be seeing Del Shores’ posters everywhere starting yesterday.
Another that you just might want to take home and frame forever is also hitting the streets for a play called Assorted Fruits and Vegetables.
It has a stellar cast in it and…me. Rehearsals are brutal, long, tiring, confusing, exciting and what’s really cool is not merely stepping out of the box (at my age) but leaping off a very high cliff with both eyes firmly squeezed shut.
We are scheduled to open November 6th. Pray, people pray!

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