Perceptions of Art

By Marcia Blondin

It broke all attendance records for a single performance in the short but notable history of Act II Entertainment. Not only was it SRO, extra chairs were added and STILL, people were turned away at the box office. The production was Princesas Desesperadas.
Bigger venue (the Main Stage), better lighting, a few new sight gags, a couple of things added and a couple taken away – all together to enhance this deliciously vicious-at-times comedy of four Disney princess gals getting together to drink and dance, vent, to yell and scream at each other and at their lives in general, suffering loudly about continuing princess-ness and not a queen in sight…whoops…
I should mention all four damsels are gay men and for the most part, have damn fine legs!
It was my second venture into Princesas and I enjoyed the first time I saw it at Boutique but this performance was so improved AND the theatre worked it’s maybe-Disney-Magic that evening – the actors did not miss a beat…definitely magic. And, add rolling and continuing laughter that built and built to make everyone’s face ache by the end and the well-deserved standing ovation: Outstanding direction, acting, everything.
If you didn’t attend because you don’t speak Spanish fluently then shame on you! That’s like not seeing Madame Butterfly or Traviata because your Italian is not up to speed. And, you DID move to a Spanish speaking country. I am just saying. Getting out of the box on occasion is necessary.
The good news is: Desperate Princesses will be in ENGLISH early next year. I will keep you posted. New Karaoke in Encore last Friday had some fine voices including Elizabeth Ensor’s exquisite soprano and Jose Maria Caudillo, slipped out of the Red Room’s Ladies Night to serenade the happy crowd. Ron Spencer and David Lyons both sang exceptionally well much to everyone’s delight.
The new team running the show are fast, friendly, encouraging to the max in both English and Spanish, and most of all FUN. Don’t miss the drink specials!
Coming up fast: auditions for Voice of Vallarta. They begin October 11 at 2 pm. These will be open to the public so join me at Act II. In case anyone paid attention…I have to read for the part of Margaret for the director of Assorted Fruits and Vegetables that opens November 6th, possibly with me in it. Yipes.

Marcia Blondin

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  1. I have followed Marsha s column and evaluations of the various stage shows in Puerto Vallarta, and once in PV on vacation, I had the opportunity of attending the Latino Dancers at the Plaza Pelicanos Resort with her… per my invitation. I was impressed with her knowledge and perception of the art and performance skills of the seven dancers, three women and four men. Two of which , one man and one women, who stood out above the others.

    Also of her knowledge of the arts in general. I also learned of her love for fried potatoes and tomato ketchup. It is an experience to sit with her through a stage performance, or at dinner. TRY IT IF YOU CAN.

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