Perceptions of Art

Marcia Blondin

Things in the Red Room are scorching hot with Joelle Rabu coming up next week with her tribute to Edith Piaf and more. Following on those French heels is the great Lorna Luft – singer, actress on stage and screen, and author, returning to Vallarta to, once again, wow the audience, this time in the intimacy of the Red Room. Ms Luft is the daughter of the late Judy Garland and half-sister of Liza Minnelli. Tickets are already selling like crazy so HURRY UP! and get yours!
Continuing in the Red Room for just a few more days before heading back to Toronto the Cold with husband George; if you haven’t seen Sharron Matthews’ show (either or both of them) do it now. I know many people who have come back 3 and 4 times to hear this great Canadian singer! Speaking of Canadians…Rob Knight a most impressive Elvis…seriously, Rob is so good he has nearly made me a fan! Miss Conception…all I can say is: what a Wild Side you have, Mr Disney! And, Kim Kuzma whose Acustico show is so popular the Red Room has had to add more and don’t forget Ms Kuzma’s Disco Fever every Wednesday. (Talk about a wild side!) The amazing Michael Walters as dazzling as Ms Dame Edna’s rhinestone glasses loves Puerto Vallarta nearly as much as Vallarta loves her back. Go and get a gladdie and thrust! thrust! thrust!…go to the show…that last line will make perfect sense!
On the Main Stage, Voice of Vallarta erupted (finally) at the conclusion of last Sunday’s show. Telenovela songs are not the most favoured genre in the world but we had some drama at the end that sent the delightfully flamboyant, refreshingly fun but vocally-challenged Fernando Jara home. A note from me to him: sing every day, Fernando, and practise long and hard and we’ll see you next year spreading your joy at Voice of Vallarta Third Edition. Next week, Disco…Kim Kuzma will be onstage showing everybody how it SHOULD be done.
The Golden Girls – avidly awaited by fans here in Vallarta –were dealt a terrible blow when one of their cast members fell ill, was hospitalized and ultimately flown back to San Francisco for further treatment.
This all happened on what should have been their exciting opening night. The Main Stage was dark out of respect and with switching roles and dealing with their grief and fear,
The Golden Girls did what professionals do…they went on with the show!
They opened one night later and gave us in the audience a nearly flawless and delightful performance. The greatest thing Vallarta can give these truly courageous and wonderful actors is to fill the Main Stage seats for their three remaining shows and give them the gift of your laughter and applause. Please go.
One of the most dramatic and starkly stunning plays comes to the Main Stage on February 4th at 8 pm. The cast of EQUUS is a diverse mix of locals and ex-pats and the couple of rehearsals I have seen have left me silent with wonder.
The Palm Cabaret is celebrating! Chaz Weathers of Greater Tuna fame just had his 50th birthday and Tracy Parks’s mom and dad celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary during a packed matinee featuring the incredible Blonde Gypsies, Latcho and Andrea.
Look for them again in February. Amy and Freddy are leaving to go entertain on a huge cruise ship but will return soon. Well-Strung is selling out every show and Bohemia Viva and Spencer Day are right around the corner.
So much to see and hear; the quality is outstanding and the quantity? Richly abundant…so after the beach get to the theatre!