Perceptions of Art

By Marcia Blondin
I managed to get a private concert with Jason Brock of X-Factor fame. I snuck into the Red Room while he was warming up his voice before his evening performance; thousands of fans all over the world would have happily traded places with me.
Anyway we had met several days earlier and he allowed me to sit and enjoy.
He will be back in Vallarta soon – I will keep you posted.
About a year ago, Paco Ojeda, the brilliant managing editor of Lifestyles Magazine decided to go public with his love of music. Make that his obsession with music. He started off with small audiences and word spread – he began offering comments before the televised Met Opera HD broadcasts at Teatro Vallarta. That began to grow as well.
Then on December 1st, Paco opened to a packed house at the Palm to celebrate Bette Midler’s birthday.
As only Paco can do: exhaustive research into Ms Midler’s life unfolded on stage with video clips, her beginnings in show business and – again – as only Paco can do, some of Vallarta’s visiting talent: Kim Kuzma, Spencer Day and friend from Boston, tenor Brian De Lorenzo, got on stage and sang.
So much for Brian and husband John’s ‘vacation’! Juan Pablo Hernandez CAN walk just like Bette Midler and Alain Perrault read a translation of a beautiful song penned by Juan Gabriel. And that segues into Paco Ojeda’s next Tribute coming in January.
Don’t miss any of these fun, entertaining discourses/lectures/birthdays/shows.
Paco, my friend, take a well-deserved bow with our thanks.
Seventeen years ago John Denver died. His music is still out there, of course, and when I saw the Red Room was featuring “Rocky Mountain High, the Music of John Denver”, I went to opening night expecting a guy with round glasses and a guitar who could imitate John Denver and one of his former backup singers dispensing some nostalgic tunes we could probably all sing along with. Whoa! I could not have been more wrong.
What unfolded on that cabaret stage tonight was pure unadulterated magic.
Paul Aleman plays six- and twelve-string guitar and piano and CHANNELS John Denver’s love of everything clean and pure like Rocky Mountain air. His personality – Paul’s, I mean – follows each word like a footstep in shadow. Warm, friendly, profoundly clear and simply…real. Renee Armand stopped singing “John Denver” when he passed.
There was no voice even close that she heard that could capture the essence of her friends’ so she just stopped. Until she heard Paul sing and play and tonight in the Red Room was really their first public appearance as a duo. Not only John Denver tunes but so much more.
To try and describe Renee’s voice is for me impossible. I think it is the most beautiful sound on the earth. From the earth.
Paul and Renee will be here for another 10 days or so….go, get some magic.
Love Letters is this weekend only on the Main Stage – there may be a few tickets left. Greater Tuna at the Palm is extending it’s wild ride through rural Texas and the Nuns are back at the Boutique Dinner Theatre.
Voice of Vallarta opens this Sunday December 7th…talk about a wild ride!

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  1. It has been some time now since the passing of Elvis Presley , but I seem to remember that at the time of his singing career, Elvis was considered the best and was called the King. His records were at the top of the record charts, and even today many of this former song recordings are still selling well.

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