Perceptions of Art

By Marcia Blondin
Congratulations to the Palm Cabaret on their 15th Anniversary. To celebrate, singer Spencer Day’s performance was better than licking icing off a cake. He has been entertaining all over the planet since his Puerto Vallarta debut at the Palm, January 2014. He played piano and was backed on bass guitar by Javier Nunez…Spencer’s band arrives next week which means I will HAVE to go back and enjoy him again. What a difference a year makes – a young unknown-to-us, Mormon-baffled man, returned to a packed house and slipped into our hearts and souls with his voice the color of amber. He left a suitable-for-framing photograph of himself for everyone in attendance. The caption at the top reads “From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU”. A lovely touch, but Spencer – there is no bottom to your heart…it is endless.
Greater Tuna starring the Palm’s own Tracy Parks and Chaz Weathers opens November 19th and runs into December. I have seen a preview and can only warn you that sold-out signs will be everywhere!
I managed to catch Nunsense on Vacation in Vallarta at the Boutique theatre over Nacho Daddy’s on Basilio Badillo. I missed the dinner unfortunately but interviewed many who were in the audience – across the board everyone was entertained and still laughing as they made their way down the stairs to the street. Their run finishes the same night, Saturday the 22nd, as the play I’m in – Assorted Fruits and Vegetables. Our reviews have been very good so hope to see a packed Main Stage this weekend!
The Red Room officially kicks off the 2014-15 Season with the beautiful, talented and most adored Canadian entertainer ever: Ms Kim Kuzma on Sunday, November 23rd. Enjoy Elton John with a Tan starring Dwight Blake the next two Saturdays also in the Red Room.
The top 24 contenders have been announced for Voice of Vallarta. That incredible contest (the Second Annual) kicks off December 7th on the Main Stage. Check them out on Facebook and vote, vote, vote!


  1. A voice the color of amber … I have never heard this one before, but then I have a heart the color of blood red amber; hair the color of brown amber, eyes the color of blue amber , skin the color of white amber, and envy the color of green amber for those who are enjoying life in Puerto Vallarta. Sounds like the colors of amber are pretty special especially when it is Mayan amber mined in Chiapas, cad in Mexican silver mined in Taxco, and winds up in my King Louis the 14th display cabinet in my living room in San Francisco.

    Another excellent piece you have penned Marcia.

  2. Marcia,

    You have not heard me sing in concert or over the radio , but only listen to my talking voice over dinner … which some might say is as smooth as honey , honey.

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