Peña Nieto’s New Security Policy to Put Emphasis on Cities

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Thursday announced a series of measures intended to stem the infiltration of organized crime into municipalities and city halls around the country after the wave of protests over the disappearance of 43 teaching students two months ago in the southern state of Guerrero.
In a national address, Peña Nieto made clear that the states with the greatest institutional weaknesses are Guerrero, Jalisco, Michoacan and Tamaulipas, where he will concentrate security efforts during the first phase of his plan.
He said that he shares in “society’s demand for justice” after the events in the Guerrero town of Iguala, which he called the “most cowardly and cruel attack by organized crime” in complicity with corrupt police.
That incident resulted in the confirmed deaths of six people, some 20 wounded and the disappearance of 43 teaching students.
“These acts of barbarism cannot remain unpunished,” the president said and those who have taken to the streets “are right: after Iguala, Mexico must change.”
Peña Nieto committed himself to doing everything necessary to free the country “from criminality, (and) combat corruption and impunity,” calling on Mexicans not to become pessimistic and not to resort to violence or vandalism to demand justice.
Peña Nieto also announced that on Monday he will present to Congress three constitutional reforms, one to create single police forces in the country’s 32 states, another to combat the infiltration of organized crime in the municipalities and the third to define the responsibilities and jurisdictions of all authorities in the fight against crime.
The first reform is aimed at “going from more than 1,800 weak municipal police forces, which easily can be corrupted by crime, to 32 solid state security bodies that will be more trustworthy, more professional and more efficient,” he said, adding that the focus will be in the four states in question.
The second reform will result in “dissolving” a city hall “when sufficient indications exist that the local authorities are involved with organized crime,” as happened with Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca, who is under arrest as the intellectual author of the attacks on the teaching students.
Regarding the third initiative, Peña Nieto explained that it will redefine the responsibilities of the authorities in the anti-crime fight, “taking into account the institutional strengths of the different levels of government,” federal, state and municipal.
“When everybody has responsibility, in reality nobody has it,” said the president, complaining that the “complex system of penal responsibilities” in Mexico “creates dispersed responsibilities, confusion in enforcing the law and, the most serious thing, impunity.”
The president also revealed the creation of three special economic zones including Guerrero, Michoacan, Chiapas and Oaxaca, the country’s poorest states, via a legal initiative to spur development, trade and infrastructure that will be sent to Congress in February 2015.


  1. You know when a federal government forms one federal police force over all the 32 Mexican states, it is like what Adolph Hitler did in Nazi Germany. Of course in Mexico, the people are already disarmed.

    The political power in any country should come from the people, however in a country constitution where there are two classes of citizens, it becomes like a democracy where one group of people can terrorize the lesser group.

    Mexico is a failed third world country as it ranked the most corrupt among the OECD countries, and among the 31 countries of the Americas, only 10 ranked lower than Mexico. Government is not the solution, it is the problem. In America the states are divided up into counties with a sheriff , and the cities with the police. The sheriff is the main law officer in a county, and the Attorney General in the state.

    The federal attorney general is limited by the U.S. Constitution and the sovereign State constitutions. The U.S. military cannot be deployed in the individual states. Thus the people are sovereign over the federal government agency. It is the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution that gives each U.S. Citizen the right to have and bear arms , that guarantees the rest of the U.S. Constitution.

    I would not wish to live in Mexico … for in America, my locked doors protects the police from the guns in my home, and any other one that is unwelcome .

  2. A recent report in the U.S. has said that in Mexico, the “Rule-of Law ” does not apply. Much of Mexico’s history, the law was that you were guilty as charged by the authorities, until you could prove your innocence … usually from a prison or jail cell. This was changed in the Mexican Constitution some years ago to follow America’s Constitution where a person accused was innocent until proved guilty, but was not imprisoned or jailed until they were proved guilty. Many or most of the 32 Mexican states have not followed the new constitution and still consider a person guilty as charged until proved innocent. Jalisco is one of those states where the governance feels that they are more important that the people.

    This is the case in most tribal countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries, and in ancient Mexico where the different tribal chiefs were the God leaders. The problem today is the continuing war between to monotheistic religions who are fighting for control of peoples souls, over a none existent imagined god , instead of the true god of the physical universe … the Sun, where all life originates from , as all the chemical elements were created there from hydrogen, and all energy as sunlight that allows live to exist.

    How acknowledged were the ancients. Today the Muslims are taking over Europe, Canada, the United States and Mexico. The CIA in America has said that ISIS have moved into Mexico to infiltrate the U.S via its southern border. The present U.S. President is like the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who replaced the Sun God RA and the many gods , with one God, which the people returned to when he died.

    It is and was a mistake by the modern conquers to replace the peoples beliefs, and that was why the U.S. Constitution has separation of state and religion. Present day America is moving away from any monotheistic religion, and Islam is killing people that won’t accept theirs. .

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