Peña Nieto Submits Socially Committed Tax Reform to Congress

President Enrique Peña Nieto submitted the Fiscal Reform Bill, designed to amend Articles 4 and 123 of the Constitution, to Congress. “It is a social reform that establishes Universal Social Security and increases public investment in strategic sectors such as education and infrastructure,” he declared.
He stressed that this is a reform that establishes a fairer, simpler and more transparent tax system for all Mexicans. “Taken as a whole, it will help reduce the high levels of inequality among Mexicans, those that earn more will also pay more while those with least will also obtain more benefits.”
He declared that the proceeds of the tax reform must serve two main purposes: trigger higher economic growth and uphold the social rights of Mexicans. “With the Tax Reform, we will all do more for the country and Mexico will do more for all Mexicans.”
He explained that it contains two protection schemes that are essential components of the new Universal Social Security System: the Universal Pension, which will benefit all Mexicans aged 65 years or over, with a basic income for their livelihood; and Unemployment Insurance, which will protect workers and their families by providing a temporary income when they face the plight of losing their jobs. This bill, he continued, is designed to make the shift from Social Security as a labor right to social security as a human right.

President Peña Nieto explained that the Tax Reform is a comprehensive, fair reform, “Because it will not affect Mexicans who have least,” while acknowledging that the economy, “is growing at a slower rate than expected and, consequently, a tax on basic products at this moment would have an adverse effect on consumption and people’s well-being.”
In this regard, he highlighted his decision to ensure that the Tax Reform Proposal does not include VAT on food and medicine, “This is a socially just and economically responsible decision at this point,” he declared.
He said that the amendment proposes that the VAT rate should remain at 16 percent, adding that medical services, urban transport, books and magazines will continue to be exempt from this tax.
“The Tax Reform will put an end to unjustified and unwarranted privileges,” he said, proposing to eliminate three quarters of preferential treatments and almost half the special regimes.
“We will only keep those that provide broad social benefits and have proven effective in supporting the growth of the economy,” he declared.
The president also said that the Tax Reform is a fair reform because it is extremely progressive, “In other words, those that earn most will pay most.”
Therefore, among other measures, taxed will be levied on the profits companies pay their owners, and the profits obtained from the Stock Exchange.


  1. Behind this new national tax reform, must hide the United Nations Agency 21 agenda , which ultimately aspires for equality among persons and countries, one currency, military, religion, and nations without borders.

    I remember several rears ago on one of the town jungle tours in PV, asking about all the new public housing projects being built back from the hotel and beach area. I was informed that they were for the retired workers we see at the hotels who get social security. A Mexican had to work so many units before they could receive social security, and the other Mexicans who had not worked sufficient time, were mostly living on the small farm plots with older buildings.

    In California, I paid into Social Security for some 55 years, and have collected my social security payments for some 14 years. My wife receives half the amount I receive. Today there is some two working persons supporting each retired person in the social security system. Congress has said that in around 12 years or less, the fund will be empty. Then what? Will the government up the taxes, or sell of government land to continue payment?

    It is said that government social security is a pyramid scheme, where the earlyist receivers will get more than they put in, and the later ones will get less, or none. So be careful what you ask for and what the government gives you. It usually means higher taxes of the few for the many This is democracy in action, which works until it runs out of the other person’s money.

  2. It is reported that the former U.S. president Abraham Lincoln said: “Governments should not take from the workers to give to the non-workers”. This was before the federal income taxes where levied on working Americans, half of whom pay no income taxes today.

    Mr. Lincoln and the other fathers of the U.S., studied the Geneva Bible , that was replaced by the King James version because it preached a Republican form of government. In the book of Enoch the Prophet, Enoch preached reincarnation, death to kings, and persons who took land with their hands. Enoch was one of three that left Earth in a rocket ship , and never returned.

    Moses was given the ten commandments on the mountain. The tenth Commandment was ‘Thou shall not covet anything that is thy neighbors ‘ and number eight, ‘Thou shall not steal’.

    The Prophet Enoch preached of the ‘Lord of Spirits’, who would judge you in heaven, and determined if your spirit was worthy of bring reincarnated. The determination was , if your life followed his Ten Commandments. I wonder how this relates to the human rights people claim, that are paid for by the hand of thy neighbors?

    Today, like the U.S. Constitution, where the majority benefit by the taxes born by others, folks will tell you that both of these laws no longer apply today, and need to be revised.

    My grandmother who raised me in her home in my early years, left me her home, and her spirit did not leave for some fifteen years. My wife and children remember her walking around the house, opening and closing doors, and the smell at night of the cold cream she always put on her face at night.

    My wife also remembers five prior lives, two of which we were married. I wonder on judgment day, will my spirit be given another chance to reincarnate? I know my wife’s spirit will! Will people today say, that this is also a human right?

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