Colonia Palmar de Haramara is a very nice neighborhood located just southeast of the cruise ship terminal with leafy green parks, tree-lined cobbled streets, and like most neighborhoods, has lots of cats and dogs. Candace Shaw, who generously donated her charming home for the clinic, said people were at her door with their pets at 6:30 AM on the first day and kept arriving that early for the remainder of the surgery week.
One woman traveled by bus from Bucerias with her six cats in a box. Because the clinic was already full, Candace let the cats overnight so they would be insured a space the following morning.
Another woman had taken three dogs belonging to a neighbor and had been turned away twice at the Valle Dorado clinic and at 7 AM, was too late to get a space for them.
Again, Candace let the animals do an overnight. Because people were turned away every day of the clinic, Candace offered to host a second one the week after next.
STERILIZATIONS AT PALMAR DE ARAMARA – September 24-27 – Male dogs – 18; Female dogs – 45; Male cats – 18; Female cats 28
TOTAL: 109 plus 1 euthanasia
October 1-4 – Colonia Pitillal – Casa de los Portales – home of Ron Harner and Clint Harris – Calle 327 Alameda – turn right five blocks after the plaza. Yellow walled house.
October 7-10 (Tuesday-Friday)
Palmar de Haramara – Calle Mar Blanco #475. Cross street is Oceano Indico – close to the square where Mar de Cortes and Mar del Sur boarding are, and the park which is very close to the market and IMSS.
October 15-18 -Las Aralias – Calle Pavoreal #181 between Calle Las Torres y Calle Canario. The street east of this address faces a park and one can enter from this side as well.
October 22-25 – TBA
October 29-November 1 – TBA
November 5-8 – La Peñita, Nay. (Pets for Life with JBARS/MEXCAN)
November 12-15 – Las Varas, Nay. (Pets for Life)
November 18-29 – Oaxaca (Pets for Life)
December 3-6 – San Pancho, Nay. (Pets for Life)
December 10-13 – TBA
December 17-20 – TBA
December 21-24 – TBA
December 25-January 6 – VACATION
January 7, 2015 -la Floresta – Home of Cherie Verber
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