By Gretchen Dewitt
When PEACE first began its free mobile spay/neuter clinics several years ago, there was a great deal of resistance to sterilization by pet owners. I used to walk door to door in poor neighborhoods asking if people would like their pets sterilized without any cost.
The men often said that they wanted their dog to be “macho,” or that they wanted their dog to have “just one litter.”
When I explained to one dog owner whose dog was loose on the street that it could get TVT (transmissible venereal tumor), he replied that it was “only a dog” and that he could get another one.
The women wanted their cats and dogs to have babies or they said they needed to ask their husbands´ permission to sterilize their pets.
Five years after I became involved in this program, I see an enormous change. Pet owners often line up at clinic locations as early as 6 AM for a 9 AM start time. They understand that this isn´t just about animals being born to suffer, but that their pets will avoid specific diseases related to non-sterilization.
They know that their neighborhoods will be cleaner, quieter and safer and that the decimation of wildlife will be reduced.
PEACEAnimals sterilizes approximately 4,000 cats and dogs annually. This makes a difference.
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  1. You know there is something funny about this. In America’s past government sterilized minority women and women in prison . Today government is aborting many fetuses , and it has been said that the black population is some 800,000 fewer today because of it. Is governments and animal owners the problem, or is it that we have lost our roots connected to the environment? Parents chaperon their daughters, perhaps dog owners should chaperon their pets. They say that what is good for the goose, is good for the gander. Perhaps this includes people and animals also.

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