How many dogs and cats and cats can be sterilized at the PEACEAnimals free mobile spay/neuter clinics for $10,000 USD?  Answer:  582.

On Thanksgiving Day, a couple that prefers to remain anonymous offered a matching gift of $10,000 USD to PEACEAnimals.  We have $8,386 USD more to go before that goal is reached and 1,164 more cats and dogs can be sterilized.  That number has enormous impact on the unwanted pet population.

For those who live in the area of the Bay of Banderas full- or part time or who have visited here, you have seen sad animal sights.  For those of us involved in animal welfare and rescue, we see many sad sights on a regular basis.  Mange, distemper, parvo, erlichia, heartworm, and transmissible venereal tumors (TVT) are commonplace.  Unwanted animals are born to suffer.  They are hit by vehicles, starve, become diseased, poisoned and are abused and abandoned.  And they continue to breed. Spaying and neutering isn´t just about cats and dogs.  Neighborhoods are cleaner, quieter and safer with less animals on the streets and wildlife is less at risk for decimation in open spaces and wild places.  It is estimated that 85% of a local pet population must be sterilized to end overpopulation and the suffering that goes along with it. Mexico is a very long way away from that number.

Annual operating budget for PEACEAnimals is $65,000-$70,000 USD. Cost per surgery week (Wednesday-Saturday) is $1,500.  Clinics operate 46-48 weeks a year with an average number of 93 sterilizations per surgery week.   Last year, 4,000 cats and dogs were sterilized at PEACE clinics.

PEACEAnimals receives no government funding.  Our Board of Directors receives no salaries.  We depend on grants and individual donations to survive.  Donations are tax-deductible.  For information on PEACEanimals and how to donate, please view our webpage:

Free sterilization clinics do the greatest good for the greatest number of animals. They have very visible impact in the areas where they operate.  At Christmas time (and tax time!), please consider giving a gift to PEACEAnimals.

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