Patience and persistence

If Mexico can teach you only one thing, it would be patience. This is not a country that moves quickly unless it wants to. It is not a country that you can yell at, or threaten; even batting my eyelashes doesn’t get me any further. This country digs in and resists the efforts to make it move faster or with more ease. And sometimes that’s okay.  

It means it holds on to its history longer. It savours its moments. It remains true to itself. Other times it’s as frustrating as all hell. Like having to change a transposed digit on a government document which somehow requires three copies and proof of every transaction ever recorded, ever, from birth to present day, but I digress…   Hey, in the end, you can usually get it sorted out.  

So, when the Best of Banderas Bay and Rivera Nayarit guide was sent off to the printer, I expected some delays. And for this, I built in a little extra time but also tried to stay on top of the schedule with near-daily calls, emails, and messages to everyone I could think of. No doubt, I was an overbearing manager who just didn’t get it. But if you’re going to learn patience, you must also learn persistence. I’ll accept that you’re going to take your sweet time, but you’ll recognize that I’m going to nag you every step of the way.  

And with that, we have finally received the shipment of the first printing of the Best of Banderas Bay and Riviera Nayarit – an all-inclusive guide to ‘the best’ as voted on by the readers of the Vallarta Tribune.  READ ONLINE

You’ll find copies of this, what will be an annual production, at your favourite Tribune pick up points. And if you’ve voted in this year’s Reader’s Choice Awards, then you’ll see those results published next fall.  

You have about three more days to get all your votes in – please take a moment to check out to cast your votes in over 150 different categories. Winning businesses will be announced in February.  

The live music calendar now being expertly managed by Bruce Howells has been updated with more venues and lots more dates. You can pretty much travel around the bay and into Sayulita any day of the week to listen to a ton of different kinds of live music and entertainment. We truly are blessed with the entertainment options in this bay.  

There is a definitive theme to the newspaper this week with the reemergence of Lobo. I suggest you act fast and get your tickets to one of his upcoming shows. You’re in for a treat.  

Tons of great info in this weeks newspaper and I hope you’ll take a moment also to appreciate the upgraded quality of the paper. We have moved to all bond for the remainder of the season, and if it’s successful, we will continue through the year.  

Thank you to all of our contributors and readers for continuing to make the Vallarta Tribune the best English publication in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.  

Safe travels,