Parque de Los Azulejos: Thank you for being a friend…

The 2018/19 season has been a fantastic one at the Tile Park! We’ve made some great headway on the Celebration Benches, the custom-painted Celebration Tiles began coming in, and the planter workshops were a smashing success. And as with every season, we made some wonderful new friends along the way! But in just about a month, the town will empty out and many of those friends will head home. It’s always a little bit of a bummer, but it’s also a way of life here in Vallarta!

For this season, you have one more chance to get hands-on with the Park… we’ll be hosting one more 3-day workshop on April 3, 4, and 5. There are still a few spots available, but this workshop is coming up fast and they always sell out! So now’s the time to sign up, don’t miss it! Go to for information and signup.

In this week’s blog we’re sitting down with the man we’ve affectionately deemed “the Paparazzi”. Tall and amiable, with curly hair and a camera strapped to him at all times, he’s been documenting life here in PV for years now. He’s a familiar face around town, and has become a fixture in the park. Sauntering through to document the beginning, middle and end of each important project, he’s a significant part of our day-to-day and he’s come to be a good friend of ours.

Yes, we deeply value our friends… the people who contribute to our day to day. This wonderful network of friendly people grows at the same pace the tiled surfaces overtake the concrete ones, and that’s no coincidence! Your presence matters. Whether you do any tiling yourself, or you just show up to say hello, we see you and appreciate you.

People like Judy, who just arrive one day with a wheelbarrow full of plants. Folks who read a team member’s blog and finally come to meet us in person. Bill, who somehow knows exactly where he’s needed and just goes there to help. The uplifting comments on our social media posts, and the private messages cheering us on. Maggie… a sweet and steady presence we’ve come to love like family.

You guys all mean the world to us. Thank you.