Paradise and Parenting: Villa Divina

I have seen some pretty incredible things while living in Mexico for the past eighteen years. I’ve climbed a volcano in Colima, dipped my feet into the hotsprings in the caves of Tolontongo, and stood on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotichucan. I’ve swum in the chilly, crystal clear cenotes in the Yucatan and tramped around the steamy, ancient city of Bonampak in Chiapas. Every time I go somewhere new in this diverse and awe-inducing country, I have to stop and gather myself because the soaring beauty is often overwhelming. Do you hear me? IT’S TOO BEAUTIFUL HERE.
And I love to go to new places and see things that I didn’t even hear about before. I had no idea about Hierve de Agua, a petrified waterfall in Oaxaca, until I was bumping my way there down a scary wind-y mountain road with five friends. And then I got there and I couldn’t understand why I had never even heard of it until I was swimming around nature’s finest infinity pool right on the edge of a cliff.
My point is, you can’t actually believe Mexico until you’re there. You can’t understand how ridiculously beautiful it is until you’re standing in it, looking up at the wedding cake perfection of the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel.
And here I am, living in the middle of it in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Sometimes I forget about it for awhile, waist deep in math tutoring, music lessons, and teenaged angst. I think that’s natural, when you think about parenting and how stressful it is, and how you could have raised chinchillas instead. But, being somewhat intelligent and certainly cognizant of my need for mental health breaks, I usually try to schedule some Vallarta Appreciation Time between the everyday madness of life.
My husband has joined The Gecko Band this year, so things have been even busier. His plate is full, and he is happily running all over the bay playing his favorite music. But last week we both took a little break and, on his day off, spent a night with our new friends at Villa Divina Luxury Boutique Hotel. Let me tell you, if you ever forget (somehow) about how stunningly beautiful Vallarta is, book yourself into this little gem of a hotel.
Nestled in the hills of Conchas Chinas, Villa Divina boasts seven rooms which includes a penthouse for a larger group. The hotel can be rented as separate rooms or an entire villa. The small staff is friendly and absolutely professional.
We were greeted at the door, ushered in and given an amiable welcome and tour. The view from the well-appointed lobby was impressive, with long windows showcasing the tranquil, cozy pool area with its ocean view.
We were taken to our suite, and that’s when I started to smile. The bed was soft and faced a huge screen TV complete with all the channels we wanted including Netflix (and a whole season of Van Helsing we haven’t had time to watch). Opening the terrace doors, we walked out onto a massive patio with long day beds and a small table for a lovely romantic dinner. Right beside it was a set of steps leading to (drum roll) our very own hot tub which faced a jaw-dropping view of the bay.
We spent a great amount of time in that hot tub for a few reasons:
a) The sunset
b) The lovely jets that were so relaxing I could have ignored the bed and just hung out there all night
c) We don’t have a hot tub and probably won’t see another one until we come back to the Villa
d) Mostly because the hot tub had an option for lights that changed colors every five seconds (a part of me will never ever ever grow up)
In the morning we had a delicious breakfast in the common dining area beside the pool. We sat around there for as long as could be considered polite, and then spent the rest of our time in the hot tub.
If you love being reminded of Mexico’s beauty, I recommend a visit to Villa Divina. You will not leave this place without promising yourself to return. Soon.