Paradise and Parenting / Spring break.. do nothing.

As you all know, many places in Vallarta become rather people- saturated during these two weeks, and I had decided that I would not become one more salmon in the roiling masses, fighting my way valiantly upstream to my own car.
Therefore, as we had already spent the first week of spring break in Mexico City, I had planned on doing NOTHING the second week and fully recuperate my energy for the last leg of the school year. However, now that I reflect, Doing Nothing seems to have included:
1) One Botanical Garden day trip
2) One epic waterfight, in which all of my pots and pans were engaged as defensive gear. I sat that one out, knowing full well that I would have been specifically and viciously targeted.
3) One beach day
4) Two trips to the river
5) One cheap Wednesday movie day
6) A fevered interest in classic fairy tales at bedtime, which started with a mother’s innocent desire to share her childhood stories with her children and grew wings with the children’s delight in the grisly, inappropriate details (Stephen King has nothing on The Brothers Grimm).
7) An elaborate restaurant/video game arcade set up and maintained by the children in our very own kitchen. I ate a lot of bean tacos, but I didn’t have to cook. A satisfactory trade-off.
8) One haircut for the boy, always a challenge. That child is vigorously and confoundingly anti-hair-removal, but, darn it all, I deserve to hold my head up as a mother. My husband finally told him, in a fit of pure frustration and flavorful Spanish hyperbole, that his hair looked like it had been bitten by a donkey. It was the only way.
9) One sonnet written by our family entitled “Noble Dog”, dedicated to our beloved pet Max. He sat still as we worked on it, staring gravely into the distance as the wind ruffled his fur. Truly, he looked as noble as a sorely under-sized terrier mongrel with oddly shaped ears could look. It was a good effort on his part, and a rather excellent poem.
As you can see, it’s been more than an adventure around here. The week culminated in a busy weekend at a great event in which we took part.
Actually, it was a wonderful reminder of why I love working with young children so much: they represent the only demographic that appreciates, without a trace of irony, my skills in dance. Last Saturday the Facebook group, Mamas in PV, put on a great party for the families of Puerto Vallarta at El Rio BBQ.
There was no charge for entrance, and free activities were offered, such as egg-painting, art activities, music and dance classes, water balloon competitions, and a Disco Hour for kiddos put on by Yours Truly, sponsored by the American School.
I must mention here that, while I have had no formal dance training, I feel strongly that I re-invented The Hokey Pokey that day. It was the pinnacle of my spring break experience. Congratulations to the organizers of this great event, we look forward to the next one!

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  1. Sounds so busy, but so well written! Can almost see the donkey bitten hair ! One of your best columns in my books!

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