Paradise and Parenting: Pie Perspective

Yesterday the weight of the world sat on my shoulders, whispering all of my worries into my ear, over and over again. You know the whispers, heavy with failure, dripping with hundreds of possibilities, all of them disastrous. Catastrophic.
Yep, I got inside my own head, and it wasn’t pretty in there. I was trying to work out about three major problems at once. And you know what happens then, of course. It’s like when your kite string gets a knot in it, and that knot gets together with another knot, and they fall in love and have babies. It becomes one big tangled mess, with subplots of knots. The more you try to unravel it, the worse it becomes. Until you just cut the whole thing off and decide that it isn’t a nice day to fly a kite anyway.
I reached the cutting off point when the kids asked for the thousandth time if we were going to eat some food today. It’s hard to work out major changes in summer plans plus worrying about abuelo and his health situation plus trying to figure out ANYTHING to do with teenagers when people want to eat on a regular basis.
So there, inside my head, I took a look at the jumbled mess on my mental lap. I heard the worries muttering around up there, with no sign of taking a break. I needed some scissors, because it really was not a nice day for flying a kite in my brain.
And then I got a message from a friend. It was a simple message. She told me that she had baked a pie, and that her son had just invited my son over the Playstation chat. She wondered if we would all like to go to her house to have some pie and tea.
Let me tell you something. I grew up with Mennonite heritage on one side of my family, and British roots on the other. When we needed comfort, some warm, sweet pastry and a cup of fortifying English Breakfast tea (with liberal amounts of sugar and milk) carried the same weight as a doctor’s prescription in our house. Just reading the words set me on the road to tranquility.
When we got there, the kids set into the pie and picked out some apple cider to go with it. My friend and I sat down over steaming cups and that gorgeous latticed pie. We chatted and sipped while we ate, and all the tension drained as I described what had seemed, just a few hours before, like some serious, life-altering dilemmas. But you know what? Somehow pie (and possibly a good friend) lent some new perspective.
And slowly my mind put the scissors away and the tangled thought strings kind of sorted themselves out. I mean, not completely, but it didn’t seem to matter that much anymore. And the sorting didn’t seem like such an impossible task.
There are people out there who need some pie. And by pie I mean a phone call. Or an invitation to take a walk. Or a cup of coffee. Or maybe I really do mean pie, if you bake. Pie in the Sky Bakery has some pretty great pie if you don’t.
We are all stressed, and quite often we do a great job of not showing it. We hide those busy, racing thoughts with a grin and a wave from across the street. The nights can get pretty lonely and long. But sometimes all we need is a moment to sit and enjoy some simple part of life, and a good friend who listens and offers a new perspective.
It doesn’t have to include pie. But I highly recommend it.