Over the Top Cures: Flatten the Shaft

The most common problem in golf is when the player comes “over the top” or transitions the club shaft over the top of where it started, giving us the dreaded out to in golf swing.  Whenever this happens you are left to hit big pulls or slices into right field!  Here is a simple way that you can avoid this issue with another downswing thought…

If you remember the transitional motions of Nick Faldo you will notice a distinct “flattening of the shaft” from the top.  This motion is best described as allowing the clubhead to fall behind the hands, the butt of the club will point just outside the ball, and the entire club will feel heavy from the start of the downswing.  Whenever you come over the top the clubshaft will steepen and it will get lighter…that’s a bad feeling from the top!

Watch the tutorial: