Our Top 3 Blogs For Artistic Inspiration – Tile Park

Here at the Tile Park, we tend to be a little nerdy about art. Maybe you’ve noticed. And it’s not just mosaic we love, it’s all kinds of art. Different materials, compositions, and ideas are actually how we find a lot of our inspiration. Maybe you do too. So we spend a lot of time reading and learning from fellow artists about where they find inspiration and what contributes to their own work. These are a few of our favorites:

These guys write about all kinds of artistic endeavors and mediums: drawings, charcoal, paintings, glass, sculptures, screen printing and a lot more.
Every inspiring and impressive blog post features a different artist, showcasing their latest work. The blog leads you down a trail of similar work once you’ve found a blog post that resonates with you. If you like original and clever artwork, you’ll love Hi-Fructose.

This website reads like a glossy magazine, with awesome creative content on topics ranging from installations, paintings, photography, graffiti and street art, audio-visual projects and more.
Like Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz often features an artist’s most recent work that’s ready for exhibition. Where the Juxtapoz blog really shines is by promoting the artist’s work prior to exhibition, and giving readers a chance to get to know them before going to the show. By presenting the artist’s newest work, an interview with them, and previous work too, people who attend the show have a good understanding of the artist and their contributions.
It also really feels like you’re celebrating an artist and their continued success, which is nice.

This blog is interesting because it belongs to a brick and mortar tile and art supply shop in Illinois, USA. Where the other blogs are accompaniments to print magazines or parallel projects, Mozaico is reminiscent of that early 2000’s business model of just adding a little blog on to your business website. It just so happens that they built a really awesome blog, so it’s going strong many years later. It’s a resource for all things tile, from new materials on the market to how to tile a backsplash to the history of some ancient grouting technique invented by a monk in the hills. This one has a little of everything.

Truly, this is just an eensy bit of our list of faves. There are so many great art resources out there! Whether you want to learn about an artist, a technique, or how to monetize your own art, there’s a blog for it. The art world is vast, and varied, and exciting. It’s wonderful that there are more and more online resources for us to learn about new artists and exhibitions around the world. Wonderful for the artists too! “Starving” doesn’t have to be part of the equation, certainly not these days.