Olas Altas Farmers Market: Meet Angela of El Taco Ranchero

Angela Quintero is no stranger to the kitchen.  The Puerto Vallarta native remembers working in her aunt´s butcher shop in Pitillal when she was five years old.  “All of my life I’ve been around food,” says Angela.  “A visit to my aunt’s house on Sundays meant we would be making chorizo and birria  from scratch.  In the evening my grandmother would sell it in her restaurant.”  Angela worked in the restaurant chopping vegetables and making sauces.  Her recipe for birria is from those times and her aunt.

Angela is the owner of the only taco stand in the Olas Altas Farmers Market.  She offers tacos made with grilled beef, pork adobado, pork and goat birria, quesadillas and burritos.  She also offers a vegetarian taco made with beans, nopal and guacamole.

Angela grew up in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood.  A lot of her family is from the El Tuito area.  Some of them still have cows and live in an area where there is no electricity.  ”It’s really the country there,“ says Angela “or el rancho as we say in Spanish.”  That’s where the name of her taco stand comes from, El Taco Ranchero.

Angela is also a singer.  When she was singing as a duo with her husband at Coco Tropical in 2008 she met the founder of the Olas Altas Farmers Market.  She invited her to sing at the market. “I was not paid to sing at that time but I was allowed to sell my CDs.”  After two years and as the market grew Angela was asked to become a food vendor.  She bought her equipment and an awning and has been a member of the market ever since then.

You can contact Angela for catering at lamancha90@hotmail.com or 322 133 0364.

Olas Altas Farmers Market

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to enjoy traditional Mexican crafts, live music and delicious artisan food, look no further than the Olas Altas Farmers  Market. We offer over 90 booths of “Handmade and Homegrown” goodies as well as prepared foods such as tamales, tacos, homemade ice cream, paella, fish tacos, pozole, Indian food, empanadas, Thai food, gourmet hot dogs, vegan and vegetarian dishes and baked goods, all just steps away from the famous Los Muertos Beach.  You can also find musical instruments, soaps, jewelry, meat pies, cheese, leather bags, jams and jellies, blown glass, produce, herbs, honey, baklava, cigars, clothes, paper mache figures  and fermented foods.

We’re open from 9:30 to 2:00 pm every Saturday from the first Saturday in November to the last Saturday in April. We’re located in the Lazaro Cárdenas Park in Vallarta’s Emiliano Zapata neighborhood. For only 20 pesos an hour, you can park in the garage directly beneath the park.