Oh, Vallarta how I love thee… Let me count the ways.

By Madeline Milne
1. Fresh Coconuts: So good for you; a meal and a cool drink. Hydrating and no carbs. Nature’s diet food at only 20pesos. Ask for it ‘suave’ with lime and chili.

2. Nature: Such diversity in our little bay. Ocean, rivers and jungle mountains. Parrots, jaguars, butterflies, crocodiles. Forests, pastures, cities and pueblas. Beaches, cliffs, and rolling hills.
3. Travel: Living in Puerto Vallarta is like always travelling but with the comfort of home. From here to somewhere new is often just a few hours and a few dollars away.

4. The Beach: The beach is a home for baby turtles before they head to sea. It’s a beautiful spot to watch the sunset, enjoying a freshly caught meal, relaxing and rewarding.

5. Shopping: There are a million shops that delight my senses. Mystical potions, brightly coloured beadwork, cheap shoes if you can find my size!

6. Visitors: Spending a full week with the ones you love. Having time to truly enjoy each other’s company is such a treat. Plus they usually bring presents. #wafflemaker #300threadcountsheets #blacklicorice
7. The Ocean: It seems too obvious but then I remember that most people don’t live steps from the ocean, let alone one that is so warm and inviting. The humpback whales, dolphins and illusive sea horses just make it better.

Illustrations by my sister, Gala Milne.

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  1. Madeline,

    It seems that your life has come together in Mexico’s little paradise. I feel the same, except for the some three years of living there, it has been 36 years of my vacationing there.

    What I like most of Puerto Vallarta is vacationing there for three weeks each year, in the same time of the year between summer and winter, after a summer of fog at home. I appreciate experiencing all the things that my home city – San Francisco – does not have. The hot summer weather, the tropical rain storms, thunder storms, and hurricanes.

    These are not my favorite things … but they are missing in San Francisco. All the rest I can find in my home city, but in a larger scale. Even the Latinos which make up 26 percent of our students, while only 13 percent are white. The adult population is closer to 40 percent , or it seemed like that when I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my drivers license . Long lines of Latinos, and strange, most of them spoke in Spanish, while in Puerto Vallarta they seem to speak English. Another thing I like about Puerto Vallarta.

    Also your editorials and Editor’s Notes, and you. San Francisco could use you, as we have many free and for pay newspapers in town.

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