Official ID Now Required for Bus Travel Through Mexico

If you are planning to travel through Mexico by bus, you are now required to present official identification when purchasing your tickets. This is a measure announced by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), President of Mexico, as part of a series of actions put in place to help monitor and inhibit illegal immigrants as they head north of the border. Just a few weeks ago, US President Donald Trump threatened to impose a five percent import tax on all Mexican imports, and one of the arguments made was that bus passengers can travel through the entire country without showing any identification, thus nearing the US border without any obstacles.

While Mexican nationals are used showing a form of ID while purchasing plane tickets, the new measure is being deemed by many as an invasion of privacy, so AMLO asked for “understanding from the people of Mexico” in a recent press conference.

Mexican nationals should now present their voting (INE) card, passport or driver’s license when purchasing bus tickets. Specific guidelines for international passengers were not explicitly provided by AMLO, but a telephone call to ETN—arguably the most comfortable bus line in Mexico—revealed that international passengers should present their current passport, visa or driver’s license when purchasing tickets in person, or while picking up those purchased online or by telephone.

Although good airfare deals can be found when you plan in advance, traveling through Mexico by bus is usually less expensive and more popular than flying. • PO