Oaxaca tops charming travel list


By Madeline Milne

smartertravel.com released a list of the world’s ten most charming cities and infinitely charming Cuidad  de Oaxaca makes the list. Canada enjoys two spots with Quebec City and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia making the cut.

Writer Anne Banas explains,

“With indigenous handicraft markets, a renowned culinary scene, and world-class museums, Oaxaca is a haven for artisans and artists. It’s also known for its architectural treasures. Founded in 1529 but inhabited since prehistoric times, this World Heritage city built on a grid pattern (with square blocks centered on a zocalo, or main square), earns UNESCO points for being a star example of Spanish colonial town planning. After touring important sites like the ornately decorated Santo Domingo church and the Cathedral of Oaxaca, break for a siesta at a sidewalk cafe under the arcades at Plaza de la Constitucion, where you can sip a cup of tejate (a cold drink made with ground cocoa) or down a glass of mezcal. Just outside of the city, Monte Alban—a mountaintop archaeological site of pyramids, plazas, and other ruins—was once the capital of the ancient Zapotec civilization and is now listed as a UNESCO site.

Don’t Miss: The Juarez and 20 de Noviembre markets, which overflow with pottery, rugs, and other handicrafts, as well as typical foods including pizza-like tlayudas (large tortillas topped with Oaxacan cheese, meat, and refried beans) and chicken sauced with the city’s famous black mole.”


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