News Briefs

Turtle Season Begins

The beginning of Banderas Bay’s annual sea turtle season was officially celebrated this past Friday at Puerto Vallarta’s popular Holi Beach, where 40 nests have already been established. A small ceremony was presided by Rohini Velasco, president of Asociacion de Conservacion de Especies Maravillosas de Bahia de Banderas (Association for the Conservation of Precious Species in Banderas Bay) and Helios Hernandez Hurtado of Puerto Vallarta’s Environmental Department.

Thousands of Pacific ridley sea turtles complete their reproductive cycle by migrating to the warm waters of Banderas Bay every year, where they bury their eggs in the sand and returning to sea. Once they are born, the hatchlings instinctively know how to find their way back to the ocean. To ensure that this rite of passage goes on undisturbed, government agencies along with many oceanfront hotels set up special safe areas where eggs are protected and monitored. Sea turtle season begins in June and continues thru December, annually.

Sharing the beach with these ancient creatures can be tricky. Public officials recommend that you stay away from sea turtles as they reach the beach in search of a safe place to bury their eggs. Since stealing the eggs is a federal crime and it is in our best interest to protect our environment, please report a turtle sighting by calling 911. • Tribuna de la Bahia

El Salado Estuary Announces Anniversary Celebration

Puerto Vallarta’s El Salado Estuary is celebrating their 19th anniversary with a special event, to take place on Saturday, July 27, 9 am – 2 pm. The celebration will feature a perfect opportunity to visit this unique ecological habitat, located within the city (along Fco. Medina Ascencio Ave., between Sam’s and Marina Vallarta). There will be free tours of the estuary, raffles and activities for the entire family. In order to participate in the tours, organizers are requesting advanced reservations by visiting their official website,, in Spanish. Information is also available by calling (322) 201-7361. • PO

City Hall to Install Elevator for Handicap Access

Even though Puerto Vallarta’s city hall building is only two stories tall, second-story access has been a challenging process for wheelchair users. This could change by year’s end, according to an initiative put forth by City Council member, Saul Lopez Orozco, who oversees sports-related activities for the municipality. “We have monthly meetings attended by wheelchair-using athletes and we’ve had to carry them upstairs,” he commented.

The intention is to install an elevator without altering the structure of the building. “A previous initiative had been submitted but it was not followed up. This time around, I’ve had meetings with advisors to Puerto Vallarta Mayor, Arturo Davalos Peña, as well as members of the Public Works Department to determine the project’s ideal location.” • Tribuna de la Bahía

Members of the National Guard Arrive in Puerto Vallarta

Members of Mexico’s National Guard arrived in Puerto Vallarta this past Tuesday in coordination with federal and local authorities to make Puerto Vallarta a safer place for residents and visitors during the next five years. This is part of a nationwide initiative recently set in motion by President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, to increase security and decrease crime rates throughout the country. In a press conference, Jalisco Governor, Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, announced that 410 members of the National Guard are now stationed in Puerto Vallarta.

The newly-formed National Guard became operational on June 30, with a nation-wide deployment of 70,000 members. It is expected that this number will increase to 120,000 members by 2021, and to 150,000 by 2023. Their primary goals are to prevent delinquency, preserve public security and combat against delinquency in the whole country. Their first move in Puerto Vallarta will be to contact community leaders throughout the city to better understand each neighborhood’s security challenges and concerns. • PO