It’s that time of year again, when everyone makes their New Years Resolutions. If your resolution is to get healthy, now is your opportunity. There’s a healthy new fitness studio conveniently located in Old Town Puerto Vallarta. It’s new, it’s different, and it’s easy.

T Zone studio offers Full Body Vibration Technology, originally developed for the astronauts who were losing lean muscle due to weightlessness in space. This technology has been refined since the days of the Russian Cosmonauts and is now available to everyone here at our T Zone Mexico studio conveniently located in Old Town.

Discover how easy it is to get fit and toned while whittling away those unwanted inches wearing your everyday clothes.

As you stand on the oscillating vibration platform for just 10 MINUTES, your small muscle groups from head to toe are stimulated by vibrating movement. Your body works against gravity (greater than normal) in tandem with your muscles, which are naturally reacting, keeping you in balance.

Any age group can benefit, as it is very low impact. If you suffer aches and pains from fibromyalgia or arthritis, you may find amazing relief in a very short time. The vibrating action not only trims inches by burning fat, but builds lean muscle, expands  flexibility, amps up blood circulation, oxygenates you, burns calories, promotes peaceful sleep, and helps keep you looking young by stimulating collagen production. The benefits you gain are considered the equivalent to working out an entire hour in the gym.

In addition, we encourage you to do spot training as you become more proficient with the vibrating process.  Our studio has two complete workout videos running at all times, which highlight the use of various 30 second to one minute exercises, some using light hand weights, others with resistance bands.

Come in and try our healthy T Zone Vibration Technology. Now starting our second year in PV, our members have given us great feedback. Several report going down a size or even two. One member lost an overall 17½ inches in a month; another in her 80s has regained much needed balance and stability over a 6 month period. People are reporting feeling more energetic, ridding themselves of aches and pains, gaining better sleep, recovering sensation in previously numb extremities, and just plain having fun, all while getting fit.

Your first visit is always free. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly memberships.

Find us at Aguacate 314B, just around the corner from CMQ Hospital on Basilio Badillo.

Open Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 9-1, closed Sundays. For further info phone 222 3931

We look forward to making you a part of our healthy, happy family!

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  1. My new years resolution is not to make new years resolutions, but to take of any situations before they become unmanageable threats to my health, my relationships, and economic stability.

    Movement and standing are critical to the body. I crawled as an infant, ran and jumped as a preteen, sprinted as a teenager, stood up much of my working life, and walked 20-30 long blocks daily when retired.

    The best from of overall bodily exercise is thought to be slow to fast walking, which can be done at most ages. Walking in place can warm the muscles up prior to running or jogging and tennis. Best to not stretch cold mussels for you may heart them or tear a ligament.

    Protein foods go with heavy work and exercises, and proper shoes go with healthy feet. I have played, taught tennis to amateurs and pros for over 15 years, and have participated on varsity track and soccer.

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