New Tendencies In Psychological Help / Internet Psychology

Have you ever felt that after a few sessions of therapy you want to dismiss it because you realize your not really that interested after all? Sometimes this happens because the next step is difficult and involves a change that you might not be ready to take, in this case you should take a step back and do some soul searching. Another possibility is that you have come to the realization that you are doing fine. You have come to the conclusion that your life is back on track and you don’t really need it anymore.
Then closure is in order, talking to your therapist and ending the process. You don’t have to be in therapy all your life, only when you feel the need to express yourself and unburden many of your problems you have locked up.
Friends may help, but they will be biased and side with you even if they think you are wrong. Some friends on the other hand can be very realistic and down to earth in their answers, yet this might make matters even worse when we start to find “hidden reasons” for the way they have responded, which can take a toll on the best of friendships.
Professional help is very different, listening without judging. Therapy only helps you make your own decisions. Many times we blame ourselves for everything, sometimes everyone else, yet there is a balance in responsibility and a therapist just might help you see the light. Another reason you might not want to consider psychological help is distance. In many cases you may start your psychological process somewhere and then decide to migrate, as so many “snowbirds” do, only to feel stuck in the middle.
However in this day and age when technology has helped us in so many ways we may want to turn to it one more time. Internet therapy is an easy way to communicate and have a session with someone anywhere in the world. This doesn’t mean person-to-person is not better; it’s just different and offers another alternative. You may decide to start here and continue back in your country or start there and continue here. There are so many options and so many fields that working online may be just for you. There is Skype, face time and even connections that enable us to have group therapy. The possibilities are endless.
Trust your inner capacity to know whether online is good for you. There is always something new under the sun and this may just be the answer you are searching for.

Jean Martin
Bilingual Guestalt Psychotherapist
specializes in areas such as Body/Movement therapy
Regressions, Family Constellations and Emotional
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