New Market Co-op

Into every Market a little rain must fall and after each mini-crisis and some not-so-mini, everything always turns out the way it is supposed to. So – first, many, many thanks go Coco and her amazing staff and wonderful garden at Coco’s Kitchen. Because of her generosity and kindness, we, the vendors at the New Market were given eleven weeks of work. Important any time of the year but summer in Vallarta? Critical.
We, the corps group of vendors who hung together when everything at the Paradise Community Center went sideways, have not given up. We will miss this Saturday the 18th – that’s a given; we are working on a new location and with the collective positive energy from everybody that wants to see us grow, continues…we will. And that little bit of rain that fell will feed our roots and we’ll be stronger, happier and in a solid position to share our artistic creations with you again and soon!
I hope this time next week I will have some cast-in-stone information for you.
In the meanwhile if you have any questions, suggestions, queries, please feel free to email me and I will get back to you immediately.
Thanks to everyone who visited our New Market this summer. All of you made us smile…thanks again.

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  1. If the owners do not want to make repairs maybe PCC CAN THROW a fund raiser, and then have the work done themselves.

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