New Guy in Town!

When we were getting close to finishing Clinic Sanmare and discussing physicians to have offices there, I told Dr. Joya, “I could really use a full time orthopedic”. Never thinking that it could happen as fast as it did, Dr. Quintero contacted a friend he had attended medical school with to see if he might be interested in relocating to Puerto Vallarta and bam! We had our new orthopedic!

Dr. Joel Galindo moved to Vallarta with his wife and baby daughter, hit the ground running and has remained busy ever since! We had a bit of a joke because I said wow! I have a new toy!

Dr. Galindo is from a very small town south of Jalisco, Amacueca. He says you have to really zoom in on the Google maps for the name to show up! When he was 12 years old he moved to California where he lived for a year, learned English (yes, he is completely bilingual), moved back to Amacueca. He attended the University of Guadalajara, south campus in Ciudad Guzman. He did clinical rotations at Hospital Valentin Gomez Farias in Guadalajara. Internship was at IMSS in Ciudad Guzman and he did his social service rotation in the rural communities of Atoyac, Jalisco. He did his residency for Orthopedics and Trauma in Mexico City at UMAE which is the biggest orthopedic hospital in Mexico (and the best!). Fellowship in arthroscopic surgery at Puerto de Hierro in Zapopan. Now that is a resume!

When I asked Dr. Galindo what his actual ‘specialty’ is in orthopedics, he says arthroscopic surgery and sports related injuries. He loves the shoulders and knees but also hips, feet and ankles. And fractures! I asked him if this includes golfing issues and he said yes, for sure. Baseball injuries as well.

His favorite part of his work and specialty is the fact that he can give a patient their quality of life back. He says that ‘as an orthopedic surgeon I am probably not going to save a patient’s life but quality of life is almost as important.”

Does he like living here in Vallarta? Since he has lived in big cities the past five years, he loves the fact that Vallarta still has that ‘small town feeling’ and he loves as well, not as much traffic here. (Really?).

Feedback from patients he has seen is stellar! And finally! I can add two new clinics to our monthly screening clinics: Hip clinic and Knee clinic. Watch for info in our March newsletter!

I would like to invite you to meet and get to know Dr. Galindo on March 5, 2019 at 9am as we do “Breakfast with an Orthopedic” at Clinic Sanmare. No charge event and have a casual chat with Dr. Galindo as we sit around a table and pick his brain as we do at our “breakfast with a physician’ series. RSVP please.

Does this mean that I do not refer to other orthopedics? Not at all. I am still pleased to be working with two or three other orthopedics here in the area as well.

I am so very proud to be working with Dr. Galindo and we are all proud having him as our orthopedic at Clinic Sanmare!

Here’s to a radiant week!

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