New air accord frees limits on airlines

New carriers, new destinations forecast as Mexico, U.S. sign agreement

Improved air transportation between Mexico and the United States is forecast as a result of a new agreement signed by the two countries on November 21.
Current limits on the number of airlines that can provide passenger service have been removed, which could mean new carriers entering the market, and new destinations being offered by existing carriers, said the United States Transportation Department.
Air cargo options could also be improved through access to locations that are not currently available.
“Travellers, shippers, airlines, and the economies of both countries will benefit from competitive pricing and more convenient air service,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said.
The Secretariat of Communications and Transportation said the agreement will allow more flexibility in air traffic and improve connectivity, and bring better service to existing and new routes.
It will take effect January 1.
Mexican aviation workers, fearful that allowing U.S. airlines to operate in Mexico without restrictions will hurt the domestic industry, protested earlier this month in Mexico City. More than 10 domestic airlines have disappeared in Mexico in the last 10 years, and there are concerns that more will follow.
Details of the new agreement are not currently available.

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  1. I remember Mexicana Airlines when we first began our yearly vacations from San Francisco to Mexico. It was the lower cost airline which offered Mexican music, food and Mexican senorita airplane attendants … however there were no direct flights , and soon we paid the higher ticket price for a direct flight on the higher rated Alaska Airlines. Soon Mexicana Airlines was gone, and later tried to come back, but was unable.

    I would agree that workers on Mexican airline companies should be worried about their jobs for international flights. I believe the workers on most American company airlines are unionized, and receive higher pay and benefits. American Capitalism is difficult to compete against since the higher pay and benefits draw more productive, better skilled and higher educated employees.

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