Navy League Hosts Two More U.S. Coast Guard Cutters

Puerto Vallarta has become the port of choice for the U.S. Coast Guard over the past few years. These great young men and women, who assist us all with “Search & Rescue” and safe navigation throughout the Pacific, have also taken on the mission of assisting the communities that host them, such as Puerto Vallarta.

The Puerto Vallarta Navy League A.C. has been kept busy recently by the arrival of two Coast Guard Cutters. First was the “McCormick” coming into port last Wednesday. The ship provided nine volunteers, who along with several volunteers from the Navy League spent the afternoon painting and repairing the RISE (Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza) facility.

RISE provides care, lodging and schooling for young local children, most with psychological problems. This facility is self-contained with its own kitchen, dormitory, and even a computer room for the use of older children. When work was done, RISE prepared a wonderful lunch for all volunteers, along with some very happy memories. That evening, the Navy league hosted a reception at Murphy’s Irish pub for the crew of the McCormick, to thank them for their generous donation of time and energy while in Puerto Vallarta.

The Navy League had hardly rested when a larger, second Cutter, the Sherman, arrived in port the following Saturday morning. The Sherman crew was immediately challenged by the local Mexican Navy Base to a soccer match. Of course the Mexican sailors were victorious! On Monday morning, thirty sailors from the Sherman joined Navy League volunteers for a full day of work at Corazon de Niña to complete the painting of the facade and interior spaces of this facility. They also transported a very heavy glass table top to a location in the Marina where Corazon de Niña will open a new store in the near future.

While the Sherman sailors were working, the Navy League also installed a security camera system at Corazon de Niña so that the Director, Melissa Canez can keep track of their nearly 40 young children.
When all work was done, Melissa and her children produced a luncheon for the volunteers, fit for a king. The sailors left well fed but tired, and insisting they will soon be back to do another project. That evening, the Navy League hosted another reception for the crew at Murphy’s Irish Pub, to show our appreciation for their contribution to the PV community.

Along with their financial partner, Intercam Bank, Navy League volunteers take pride in helping non-profit and community facilities, both physically and financially. For more information, you can contact Carol Smith, President of the Navy League, at 322-293-1268, or 322-137-4902 (cell)