Mud and Magic

by Marcia Blondin
A car accident that should have killed him didn’t. He has scars and lumps and bumps that remind him daily of why he is alive. After flying through a windshield headed straight down a steep decline, a fork in a huge tree stopped him from hitting the ground, thus saving him for a life of constant and continuous pain throughout his entire body.
After the necessary hospital patching up, putting bones back into place, killing the incessant pain with the usual drugs, he remembered a place he had seen years earlier, left his state of birth, Chihuahua, and moved back to Jalisco, just outside of Puerto Vallarta. He lived within the jungle and learned to heal himself.
Jump ahead in time to late November 2014 and a day trip to Sayulita on the bus with me, my sister Patrice, and her best friend Karen.
A chance conversation on the trip happened to mention a massage therapist that was well-known in Sayulita who did wonders for pain with a special mud mixed with particular hot springs water.
Karen, who has been suffering nearly her entire adult life with chronic back pain, thought she would give it a try. She had done everything else – physical therapy, lots of painkilling drugs, MRI’s, CT-scans and chiropractors, a massage would be – at very least – a relaxing way to kick-start her first vacation in Mexico. Two hours later she returned, spotted here and there with greenish-coloured mud, sleepy so we packed up, caught the bus back to Vallarta and that, was the end of that.
Except she wanted to go back a week later for another treatment with the magic mud man, David Chavez. I begged off, not the least bit interested but my sister insisted on going with her and also getting a massage with mud. And so they went.
Two things happened in that two weeks. The first was Karen fell in love with Vallarta, and the second, more important, was that Karen was pain-free. My sister was so impressed that when she learned about the Global Foundation for Integrated Medicines Congress was being held here and that I was going to cover it for the Vallarta Tribune, she insisted that David should go with me.
I reminded her that the cost was $300 USD for the two days. As soon as David said yes, she paid for his ticket, we went to the conference and got to know each other better.
Two weeks ago Karen came back alone for a two-week vacation. First stop, Sayulita, to get a treatment.
I went along for sunshine, moral support and as tour guide. One week after that she surprised me with a picnic/get-a-way/massage for each of us at the place David had gone years before to heal himself and also the hot springs water-supply for the clay David uses for massage.
Here’s where it gets up close and personal for me: never had a massage; always a sceptic of the highest order and truly don’t enjoy being naked with people I don’t know. Even people I do know; there’s a reason for clothing. As it turned out, the place was not completely private so keeping my bathing suit on was okay.
The day was cloudy, not a good sign. Hot sun dries the mud and helps pull toxins out of the body. However, the air was warm and I had been soaking in the hot water for over an hour so I was fine and relaxed.
David started on my feet – I know enough about Reflexology to understand why he started there – feet know everything and, I have to interject something I learned at the GFIM Congress: all cells have memory. Just when I thought I could not stand the pain one second longer,
David would intuitively move to another body part previously battered but now luxuriating with wellness.
I cried throughout the entire massage, snot streaming out of my nose like some colicky child. One nostril at a time, blowing hard through straggles of wet hair. Who the hell cares?
I seemed to drift in and out of sleep or trance, not sure. The only thing constant was the pain that can only be described as ‘exquisite’…necessary then gone. Then, I got cold. Teeth chattering, numbing cold.

To be continued next week….

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