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by Marcia Blondin

Coming next weekend, the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine, Saturday, February 7, from 9 to 6 and Sunday, 9 to 7 pm; all taking place at the Fiesta Americana Hotel. While doctors, nurses, scientists and other professionals are urged to expand their knowledge at this Congress it is specifically aimed at the lay person with questions about their own overall health and well-being.
There are many – too many – people who have exhausted ‘conventional medicine’ for one reason or another and are searching for alternatives that can help ease or eliminate chronic pain, cure diseases and more. This Congress is bringing together speakers from around the world who specialize and, more importantly, want to share their knowledge, expertise and practise of alternative medicine for the betterment and wellness of all mankind.
The theme of this year’s Congress is: “New Dimensions in Wellness Healing with Subtle Energies” and will be conducted in English with Spanish translation available for those who request it.
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  1. Hi Marcia,

    This is one of my favorite subjects , the obtaining of wellness in a polluted environment of modern medicine and technology.

    We are what we eat, drink and breath , and many disease are from what we don’t. That is … many of the diseases are the result not of organisms or our genes but of parathion poison or the lack of certain minerals in our diet.

    I have gone for much of my life without a doctors physical examination, medicine or vaccinations , and was considered by my employer due to my great health, allowed to work 12 hour days six and seven days a week, for years on engineering projects , because I never took one hour off for sickness.

    Yes … some people thought that I was odd, taking all those food supplements , even as a young man with a wife and three daughters. Loretta even had a carpenter build a floor to ceiling cabinet to store all the bottles of supplements .

    But I will tell you, when my daughters were in junior high and high school, more that one of her girl friends told them that they wanted to meet their brother, to which they replied …. that is my father, he just looks young.

    Many years later when one of those girls was married with children, she came up to me at a party given by my oldest daughter and said : “You have made an important difference in my life!” I asked how could I have made an important difference to her life, I hardly knew you. She said that watching me take all those supplement pills and avoiding all the things that other people are taking and eating … and looking so young and healthy, that she decided to do the same, and today she and her family are healthy.

    Today , now that Loretta’s health has been so impaired , she almost died while I was on vacation last year in Puerto Vallarta, she has been taking more supplement pills than I ever have. And has been talking to our three daughters and eight grandchildren why they are having so many health problems, especially our daughters ever since they got married and left home.

    This is rather a harsh statement, however , most medicines , including vaccinations are poisons to the body, and do more harm than good. Plus they are addictive, such as certain vaccinations must be taken in a long series of shots, or buster shots yearly. We have warned many of our close friends regarding doctors and taking medicines, but they ignored us, and they have long gone to their happy hunting grounds.

    Marcia, your readers should be interested in future reports on the meeting at the Fiesta Americana Hotel on alternative health care..

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