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Mismaloya is in some ways responsible for the Vallarta boom. In 1966, famed Hollywood director John Huston chose the area as the location for his film adaptation of Tennessee Williams’s play
The Night of the Iguana (which if you haven’t seen, you should). At the time, Mismaloya could only be reached by boat, but nonetheless an entire crew set up on the sand and surrounding cliffs for a weeks-long production.
The biggest splash involved the movie’s cast, which included Deborah Kerr and notorious party-girl Ava Gardner, as well as the hard-living Richard Burton, who in turn brought his wife, none other than the legendary Elizabeth Taylor.
Tales, tall or otherwise, abound regarding the late nights, low blows, love affairs and other thespian follies that took place during filming, and you can almost hear echoes of the mad carryings-on as you poke about the film’s sets, now in ruins, that line the cove. Whatever happened, it must have been fun—“Liz and Dick,” then the world’s most famous couple, fell in love with PV, built houses and lived there till well into the 1970s.
The glam and paparazzi blitz that followed them put Puerto Vallarta on the map. While there is the Zoo, popular beach restaurants and the tequila factory on land, just off the beach is the popular dive spot of Los Arcos.
One of Mexico’s most popular marine reserves, Los Arcos is a cluster of granite islands that perch out of the water in the southern part of Banderas Bay. With depths ranging from 30-1600 feet, the waters surrounding Los Arcos are the deepest in the entire bay.
Here you can discover the thrill of diving in the Devil’s Canyon and El Bajo, the fascinating underwater mountain range, while witnessing the abundant lobster, octopus, rays, eels, morays and a lot of other marine life.

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  1. I live in the village of Mismaloya and would like to see a weekly fishing report i think it would help the locals out and vistitors alike.

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