Mind Body Wellness: Self-Care September

One of Sayulita’s selling points for both residents and tourists alike is the abundance of opportunities to practice a simpler, more natural lifestyle. Surrounded by jungle hilltops and bordering the bay, our little town welcomes those looking to slow down, connect with the earth, and take a moment to remember why we are here.

Originally a small fishing village, and a notorious surf stop, Sayulita has been a longtime haven for those wanting to indulge in Mexico’s natural beauty while reflecting on their own. Located near some of the bigger shopping centers, but far enough away that you can find somewhere to disconnect, many choose this area for retreats, group meditations, yoga getaways, or other self-care related gatherings.

With that kind of reputation, you would think living here would just propel me into a consistent cycle of full moon drum circles, daily reiki healings, morning yoga and a diet of fresh fruit and fish, right?


Not only does Sayulita provide a lot of great ways to stay healthy, but there are plenty of chances to eat poorly, drink too much, and screw up your sleep schedule.

Like anyone else, living in any part of the word, I am also guilty of overworking, not making time for what’s important, and letting some of my personal care routines go when other things come up. That is why I am so excited to be participating in Self-Care September.

Just in time to prepare for Healthy Living Month in October at the Vallarta Tribune, this national campaign asks you to spend September taking a look at your own self-care practices and how you can be a better friend to your mind and your body.

My personal practice is made up of multiple healthy habits, physical activity, a clean diet, and intentional time spent meditating or focusing on energy healing. These are things I value but don’t always prioritize. To really hold myself accountable, I am committing to posting about my progress once a day on my social media accounts. Follow me on Instagram at haus_of_healing and thenondairyqueen_ to see how I document my routines.

For those of you who live in town, or are thinking about visiting this season, these daily posts will be your guide to all things self-care Sayulita and may even introduce you to a resource or practice you didn’t know existed here.

So many of us get caught up in life’s day to day struggle, forgetting how powerful we are and how easy it is to create change. We forget what is important, what motivates us, why we value what we do, and we let ourselves create excuses for why we aren’t doing the things that make us happy. Don’t make excuses this month, make time.

Sarah Johanna is a freelance writer and researcher. At the beginning of 2017, she left her typical New York City life to travel and gain insight into how we relate to the natural world. Sarah manages Haus of Healing, a travel and lifestyle blog focused on exploring the themes of nature and mysticism in connection to health and wellness.