Mexico to Host International Astro-nautical Congress

Through the Mexican Space Agency, Mexico will host the 67th International Astronautical Congress in 2016, after the International Astronautical Federation ruled in favor of its candidacy during the participation of the MSA in this year’s edition in Beijing, China.
Based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, this conference, which brings together the agencies and organizations of the world’s space sector, is already considered the “Space Community Olympics.” It will strengthen the actions promoted by the government to position Mexico in the international space sector.
This reflects the confidence of the international community of the space sector in Mexico and serves as an incentive to redouble efforts to ensure that science and space technology will contribute to economic development and benefit the population.


  1. Mexico in space??? With all the people’s problems feeding themselves, lack of jobs and increased taxes so the government will have more to spend of things as space research, etc, I wonder if this is not misplaced priorities. The venders on the beach in Puerto Vallarta are saying that the new president does not seem to be very smart, for he is passing many new taxes, and for the past several months when they have made few sales, they have received a sizeable tax bill from government.
    Perhaps the wealthy Mexicans can ticket for a ride in space by the new private space companies in the U.S., but even the U.S. government has reduced NASA missions in space due to lack of money.

    1. What a piddly response. Fortunately for the rest of us Mexicans, it is an important matter, and a bunch of negative people will NOT stop us.

      We certainly do NOT need your permission to enter into the space industry.

      KUDOS to Mexico. Well done.

  2. With Google Earth, Mars and the Moon, pictures taken by NASA via satalite, and space fly-bys, people of the world via the Internet can conduct their own inner and outer outer space programs. Below are seven wonders of our solar system that may be viewed if you are interested,

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