Mexico releases a new coin

The bank of Mexico has released a new 20 peso coin. It is very similar to the 10 peso coin so be aware! The differences lie in the size and the designs on the coin.
There are three designs used on the new 20 peso coin. The first celebrating 100 years of the Mexican Army with a stylized image of a soldier in a helmet, the second is a representation of Octavio Paz, Nobel Laureate for Literature in 1990 and the third design features a younger profile of Paz with the inscription Todo es presencia, todos los siglos son este presente. (Everything has presence; every century is today’s present). Regardless of which design ends up in your pocket, your twenty pesos remains perfect for a couple of tacos.


  1. I have always thought with the exchange rate of the Mexican peso and the U.S. dollar at todays 12 to 13 to one exchange rate, and with the Mexican coins in the similar size as the penny , nickel , dime, quarter and new copper dollar coins still in circulation – and is likely true for some of the Canadian coins – bringing home th Mexican coins was quite thrifty.

    My favorite was the aluminum 1985 Mexican peso coin that was accepted by the parking meters in San Francisco, as a U.S. quarter. Americans went to the banks in Puerto Vallarta to obtain rolls of the coins until the U.S. complained , and the game was mostly over, since the U.S. parking meters made changes that would not accept them.

    Also the old Mexican 10 centavo piece was the same size as the U.S. dime. And the new two color metal 1 peso is the same size as the U.S. nickel. The new copper colored U.S . 1 dollar coin is one inch in diameter. I wonder if new 20 peso piece is the same one inch in diameter? I will check it out this October in PV., or if I find one on the streets of San Francisco beforehand.

    Looking in my box of coins found on the streets of San Francisco , is a a I, 2, and 5 peso coin. The 10 peso coin found last year, as before noted, was used for the bus getting from the PV airport to the Canto del Sol timeshare resort. If I go again to Canada, I have some of those coins in my box. Also if I should go to Europe.

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