Mexico pushes transparency

New anti-corruption actions will help Mexico abide by international transparency standards, executive director of Mexican Transparency Eduardo Bohórquez said Thursday.
Mexico is closing the breach that separates the nation from other G20 and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries that have successfully implemented policies to prevent conflicts of interests, Bohórquez said.
He said transparency and anti-corruption strategies are topics that have been discussed for many years.
“It’s not a new topic. We’re trying to catch up with a matter where we’re falling short,” Bohórquez said.
It’s essential for government officials to declare their assets as a means to provide transparency and credibility to the public, he said.
“We all have an interest in different things, but it’s important to set the record straight right from the beginning and not let (personal interests) affect public decisions,” Bohórquez said. Conflict of interest cases in Mexico require immediate attention because they are clearly affecting the country’s public life, he said.
Government officials will be required to present a declaration of assets effective in May. According to Bohórquez, the declaration should be public to help prevent cases of conflict of interests.
The new anti-corruption strategies introduce a code of conduct for companies in Mexico. It includes a protocol regarding the relationship between companies and public servants, especially in cases of projects and decisions connected to calls for an open bid. The Business Coordination Council said member companies are willing to self-regulate their proceedings to comply with the anti-corruption strategy, he said.
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  1. What … the wolfs are guarding the chicken coops !? Or the barn is being locked after the horse has been stolen.

    In the U.S. this is called : “A day late and a dollar short”. We have the same problem as Mexico in that all our elected officials are wealthy. We call them not the servants, but the “help”. Like in God help us. President Obama never had a real paying job, and when he entered elected office he was deeply in debt. But not to worry, for he is a multi-millionaire today.

    Our California Governor Brown is winding up his third term and planning to run for his fourth. His disclosed wealth is over $2 billion. Another Democrat that is spending our tax payers money like our president. It just makes sense to them that the laws they make and enforce are just for the people … and not them. Of course.

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