Mexico offering amnesty to undocumented foreigners

By Angela Kocherga

Mexico is offering undocumented foreigners including Americans amnesty if they come forward and apply for legal status.
“I have heard there are people here who don’t have the proper documents. We have illegal aliens here also,” said Arlene Van Note, a resident in San Miguel de Allende.
“I’m a permanente. I live here all the time,” said Van Note who is retired. She has her documents in order but other Americans do not.
They’re not climbing over the walls either. They’re driving in. They come in on trains and planes and buses.
Many enter on tourist visas and stay after the document expires.
The issue of undocumented Americans living in Mexico is an open secret in places like San Miguel de Allende, a colonial city that is popular with tourists.
“Yeah, there are some people that I believe are here that are probably undocumented and working,” said Christine Johnson, a legal permanent resident in San Miguel de Allende.
Undocumented Mexicans caught crossing the border into the U.S. are “sent back quickly,” said Francisco Sanchez, a San Miguel native who earns a living shining shoes in the town square.
Rather than face deportation Americans and other foreigners who don’t have documents are getting a chance to legalize their status under a temporary program.
The National Migration Institute webpage describes the program as “directed to all foreigners who have made Mexico their permanent residence, but because of diverse circumstances have not been able to regularize their stay in our country.”
“You are in Mexico. You have been here for years. You have been working and you’re not supposed to. You have a chance to become legal,” said Patricia Munoz, an immigration attorney in San Miguel de Allende. Munoz has many Americans clients in San Miguel de Allende who want apply for legal resident status in Mexico. Some get frustrated with the bureaucracy.
“Foreigners go and complain to the immigration authorities, they kind of look at you and say ‘you know what they do to Mexicans in the U.S.,'” said Munoz.
Among the biggest differences: the issue of divided families.
“The minute a baby is born in Mexico, the parents can get the residence just to protect the family,” said Munoz.
U.S. citizens who violate Mexico’s immigration laws do face a penalty, usually a fine but most also get the opportunity fix the problem.
This year between Jan. 12 and Dec. 18, the Mexican government is allowing undocumented foreigners who come forward to “legalize” their status to do so without paying a fine. The Morales family wishes they had the same opportunity in the U.S.
“Our kids were born in the United States,” said Daisy Morales, a San Miguel native.
Morales was an undocumented worker living in Fort Worth when her children were born. She returned to Mexico voluntarily to try to get “a pardon” from the U.S. government so she can enter the country legally with her husband and their children.
Right now she is trying to get the children identification documents so they can enroll in school while the family waits U.S. immigration authorities to decide their fate.
“It all depends on what they tell us,” said Morales.
Mexico increased deportations in 2014 sending more than 64,000 foreigners back to their home countries. Deportations peaked over the summer when thousands of Central American migrants were travelling through Mexico on the way to the U.S. border.
“For a U.S. citizen to get deported he would have to be a criminal. I mean a real huge thing,” said Morales.
“But just because they are living in San Miguel on their retirement money, they won’t get deported.”

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  1. Do I hear the United Nations Agenda 21 rearing it’s head, or are too many Mexican National workers leaving for the United States? There are some 22 million (perhaps 40 million ) undocumented migrants from across the southern U.S. border that are filling up our schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, welfare system and taking our jobs … and Obama is offering them social security and income tax refunds even if they have not earned sufficient money to pay federal income taxes.

    The American culture, language , religion and even laws are being changed by so many new people coming into the country. Even our President who does not like our country nor the Constitution is being stopped by the courts for making new laws and expanding others. During his six years in office he has increased the federal debt by over $7 trillion dollars and is trying to get even more people into the country, even Muslims , and other people from countries under siege by war.

    Actually , U.S. corporations are firing millions of highly paid and educated citizens so they can replace them with lower paid professionals from India who will work for less money. Also , the pay for many jobs has been going down for many years.

    I cannot leave the U.S. other than for vacations, because the U.S. is only one of a few countries that lets citizens keep guns for protection … for governments cannot protect the citizens, and if you are in mortal danger that requires immediate help, the police are five minutes away. Actually the guns are for protection from the police and government.

    As one sign advertised for sale says: “My doors are locked to protect the police from my guns”. Only in America.

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