Mexico heads Puebla Process

World committee will focus on migration issues. Mexico was selected as the next “pro-témpore” president of the Regional Conference on Migration, known as the Puebla Process, which is charged with strengthening capacity and collaboration between officials from member nations.
The member nations are Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and the Dominican Republic, said the Interior Secretariat in a statement over the weekend.
The federal dependency said that members will participate in training groups beginning in January 2015, after the announcement of the “Immigration Accountability Executive Action,” presented by U.S. President Barack Obama on Nov. 20.
In representation of the Mexican Government, Interior Secretariat Population, Migration and Religious Affairs Undersecretary Mercedes del Carmen Guillén Vicente received the “pro-témpore” presidency of the Regional Conference on Migration.
During the ceremony celebrated in Managua, Nicaragua, Guillén Vicente said that there needs to be organized migratory regulations to ensure conditions of absolute dignity for foreigners that travel through the country.
Speaking before representatives of the conference, the undersecretary said that Mexicans who return to their homeland receive support through the Somos Mexicanos (we are Mexicans) program. The program provides options for employment, the possibility to receive identification documents, health security, transportation to shelters and tickets to their destinations.
Through the implementations of the Frontera Sur program, announced July 7 by President Enrique Peña Nieto, the country is moving forward to provide more tools and effective mobility of documented and legal people inside of Mexico.
The government is also working to strengthen the efficiency of handing out “Regional Visitor Cards” and “Border Worker Cards” so that foreign nationals from neighboring countries can visit the states on the southern border of Mexico in a documented, orderly and free way, said Guillén.
The conference president designate also announced that she will meet with representatives from the Foreign Relations Secretariat and governments from member states in June 2015. A meeting of the Regional Migration Consulting Group will be hosted in November 2015, she said.
The American migration conference, also known as the Puebla Process, was formed with the objective to compare and share perspectives based on experiences in situations of origin, travel and destination of migration, said the statement from the secretariat.
The president of the conference is decided by consensus among member countries during the annual Vice-Ministerial Meeting. During its term, the chosen government must facilitate the coordination between governments to conduct regular meetings, ask member countries to designate delegates for the Drafting Committee at the start of each meeting, identify high priority initiatives, cover the cost of meetings and take on a role regarding the administration of the Fund for the Return of Migrants in Highly Vulnerable Situations.
Source: The News

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  1. I agree with the majority of the American citizens who disagree with President Obama’s handling of the border control, the illegal immigrant situation and the present Presidential decree on any amnesty for illegals within the 50 American states. His sworn duty is to uphold the U.S. Constitution , and not make new laws. There are a number of lawsuits against the President , the worst involves the 25th Constitutional amendment regarding his sanity and ability to function as president.

    One of the tests is: does he look upon himself as above the law, and thus does not follow the law, and makes laws that the executive branch is not empowered under the Constitution to do ?

    Many have called for impeachment, but that is a sticky proposition, since Obama has never been properly vented as eligible to be president, and if shown to be ineligible, if impeached, all the laws and presidential decrees that he has made over the past almost seven years … would be null and void.

    For example: he has fired many of the Nations top military generals for not agreeing with is duty as Commander and Chief, and has spent some $7 trillion in his function of President.

    Members of his own political party are avoiding him, and many are leaving the administration. I personally would like to see him expelled and sent back to Kenya, where the Kenya government has acknowledged that he is a Kenya citizen . I cannot get much worse..

    The U.S. immigration laws should be made as strict as Mexico’s immigration laws in-order for the U.S. to keep its English language and culture.

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